Our team in London

We are one of the leading WordPress developers in London, with a decade of experience in building CMS websites as well as designing and building beautiful, custom WordPress themes.

Additionally, to provide you with extra functionality, our WordPress developers work with the latest plug-ins and widgets for your individual needs, often creating some highly bespoke WordPress plugin development where necessary.

As well as building and developing your bespoke website, our WordPress web designers will provide you with all the training you need in order to allow you and your team to manage your website effectively.

We also frequently work with WooCommerce Website Development, either building from scratch or taking over the support and maintenance of existing eCommerce websites.

60% market share

Of all the CMS-built sites on the internet, 60% of them are built on WordPress

50,000 plugins

There are over 50,000 plugins available to help transform your WordPress website into a powerful business machine

Powerful SEO

Of all the CMS platforms, WordPress gives you the most control over what you can do to boost your website in the Search Engine Rankings

Experienced WordPress developers

We have delivered dozens of unique WP website design and development projects over the last 10 years and we pride ourselves in producing well-architected, beautifully designed, robust WordPress websites.

Our WordPress development company in London will not only design your and build your business a stunning website, but by using the latest framework and coding standards, we will ensure that the core user journeys flow seamlessly and contains all of the required functionality to make sure it converts.

Our team of designers and developers are WordPress specialists who work hard to understand your business to ensure that we deliver you a website that works hard online for your business.

Some of the brands we’ve worked with

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    Flexible content management system

    When a user looks at one of our WordPress Web Designs, they have no idea what it was built in; which is the idea. For visiting users, WP is all about your brand and your image. The advantage you get is when you need to manage and control the content that visiting users will see!

    What you as your website administrator get is the ability to log-in to a closed-off back-end area, from which you can manage absolutely everything about your site. From controlling existing and adding completely new pages, to managing users and creating new contact forms. Our WordPress development agency in London will ensure that the CMS area is so intuitive to use that even non-technical users can easily get used to controlling and updating their website.

    Despite this level of user take-up, the required level of complexity is there in the back-end to allow our developers to customise the system to meet the needs of your business.

    PHP Framework

    We take every small detail into account in our projects and look to actively make decisions that will keep your website fresh, relevant and running without a rebuild for as many years as possible.

    This is why WP and the programming language it is built in (PHP) are an ideal solution, as they aren’t going anywhere soon; with support and knowledge always readily available.

    PHP is an extremely popular, open-source, general-purpose scripting language that is especially suited to WordPress Development. Fast, flexible and pragmatic, PHP powers everything from small blogs to the most popular websites in the world, and our WordPress developers use it daily.

    The business case for WordPress

    Using WordPress as the CMS for your new website design makes business sense for a number of reasons:

    • Open source technology ensures you free updates for life
    • Unlimited customisation possibilities
    • Cost effective to get up and running
    • Huge community supporting the framework
    • Plethora of plug-ins to quickly add functionality to your website
    • Easy to use CMS
    • Accessible, scalable website
    • Rapid development time
    • Great SEO potential

    WordPress web development services

    We are happy to meet with you, either at our office or at your company HQ, to discuss your specific needs for your WordPress website. We will create you a full service package that delivers a successful website that meets the needs of your business.

    As part of our project process, we can:

    • Work with you to identify what your existing site needs, or what a new site needs to do for your business
    • Design and develop custom WordPress themes from scratch
    • Define and deliver the perfect website hosting solution for you based on your site needs and budget
    • Build dedicated WordPress plugins tailored to your specific business needs
    • Manage your website for you (adding content, building new functionality, updating the platform)
    • Improve your websites SEO

    WordPress plugin development

    As an open-source content management system, there are tens of thousands of developers in the community who all work together to improve the site, bolster security and add new features.

    In addition, there are over 50,000 plugins available to enhance the functionality of your website. Everything from Yoast to bolster the SEO of your website, WP Rocket to improve the speed, WooCommerce to turn your website into and e-commerce store and WordFence to add an extra layer of security and

    Our Word Press developers are actively involved with the open-source community and regularly contribute code, checks and input that make it into the official releases from WordPress!

    We also specialise in custom WordPress Plugins Development to do specific jobs for businesses which take the power of the CMS to the next level, as well as building and developing custom WordPress Themese.

    Who uses WordPress?

    Some huge companies utilise WordPress Designers when they need a reliable, high quality website without waiting for a year of overly complex development. Companies like AMC have taken advantage of this for the The Walking Dead series site, Rovio for their Angry Birds movie promotions and even Disney for the official Star Wars blog.


    It’s also an ideal solution when a site is going to contain a lot of regularly updated media-rich content. This is why TIME magazine, Reuters and The New York Times use platform to ensure a reliable CMS that allows them to post a lot of news and video updates a day.


    How can we help you?

    Whether you need a WordPress designer to give your website a facelift and freshen up the feel of your website, or a WordPress development agency to build you a custom theme, new functionality and plugins, our agency in London has a team of WordPress designers and developers who have years of website CMS experience and have delivered and continued to support countless WordPress projects.

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    It’s very simple, MintTwist were fantastic from start to finish

    Samantha Barrow

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