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Our copywriting services provide you with content that tells your story. Talk us through your content needs and we’ll write copy that engages and grows your brand.

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Brand tone of voice

To choose those all-important first words, you need to know how you want your brand to sound. We’ve explored, defined, and worked with all sorts of voices in our time, from the friendly and fun, to the firm and formal. We can integrate your tone of voice into any work we create for you, making sure your words always align with your brand.

When it comes to building a tone of voice from scratch, we look to the overarching creative strategy to guide the way. And since our copy and strategy teams are intertwined, the cohesion here is effortless.

Content is king!

Content is by far and away the most influential aspect of any website. We provide copy that is persuasive and offers your audience clear expertise.

Copy with a fresh perspective

As a brand you may be biased in your writing. Our content offers a fresh perspective you may have missed that your audience can engage with.

Optimised, ready to go content

Due to our strong in-house SEO experience, all your copy will be optimised upon delivery.

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    Why work with a copywriting agency?

     Are you struggling to come up with fresh content ideas?

    When writing content for your brand, it can be difficult to take up a neutral position and view your brand from the perspective of your audience. Sometimes you need a helping hand to produce copy that understands who you’re targeting.

    We provide your brand with an outsiders perspective, offering you ideas you haven’t considered before. We love having the opportunity to innovative and bring fresh new ideas to the table.


    Do you have limited resources you can put towards content writing?

    Producing high quality content on a regular basis requires time, which can be difficult to meet demand, especially when there are other tasks to prioritise.

    By working with an agency, you have the flexibility to scale your content needs up or down. We can create content pieces for different platforms, ensuring you are always engaging with your audience. We can also highlight existing content you have that can be re-purposed with a light refresh, helping your content work harder for you.


    Is your content getting traffic, but nothing else?

    When we create content, we want it to be seen as a standard. But we also want it to help the business. Are you creating content that gets pageviews and little else? It might be your content isn’t working hard enough.

    We work with you to write copy that is conversion focused and encourages action from your readers. Whether you’re looking to generate sign ups, sales or leads, we’ll help you write copy that connects with your audience and inspires them to go on and do something.

    Effective SEO copywriting

    When we write copy, we keep SEO in mind. We want your content to get the visibility it deserves, so it’s important to make sure your copy is optimised so it ranks in the search results.

    Our copy does more than generate traffic, it generates leads. We work closely with our SEO team, to ensure the copy we write aligns with the language your search audience uses and targets relevant keywords.

    Picking the right words

    Blue sky projects. Business as usual. Technical documents. We tackle it all. And we choose our words carefully, for the right place and the right time. And for the right audience.

    We know exactly when to dial things up or down, in response to real people’s needs. Which helps them understand things, take action or get excited. Because copywriting plays as crucial a part in delivering a great brand experience as the visuals.

    Testimonial image for Copywriting

    MintTwist were fantastic from start to finish!

    Samantha Barrow

    Head of Marketing at REaD Group

    Ready to talk about your content project?

    Give us some details about you and your project, and we’ll be in touch.

      Copywriting FAQs

      What is copywriting in marketing?

      Copywriting is a form of content production that is nearly always found in a marketing strategy. The aim of copywriting can be multifaceted, but its primary objective is to persuade your audience to complete a specific action. In its various forms, copywriting is responsible for communicating with your audience and forging connections across multiple platforms, turning their initial interest into a more long-lasting relationship.

      What is SEO copywriting?

      SEO copywriting is when your copywriting is taking into consideration factors that will help it rank in organic search. This is achieved by writing content that uses the different types of keywords the audience would search to find that content. The aim is to make clear to search engines that your article is relevant and helpful to users that search those keywords. The content should also be written with a clear structure, designed to be understood by your audience and by the search engines.

      Why is copywriting important for my business?

      Copywriting is integral to a business marketing strategy for many reasons! By incorporating copywriting into your plan, your business will benefit with:

      • Improved engagement rates
      • Improved communications
      • Consistent brand identity across all channels
      • Increased visibility online with SEO
      • Increased conversion rates
      • Demonstration of the brand’s expertise and trust
      • Outperforming your competition

      What types of content can you produce?

      Our copywriting services covers writing content for your brand online, whether it be your service pages, product pages, blog articles or articles for digital PR campaigns. We can provide copy that has a strong sales focus, helping you to grow revenue.

      If you have a project in mind, reach out today to start a conversation about how we can help.

      What’s the difference between copywriting and content marketing?

      Though they may seem like one in the same, there is a difference between copywriting and content marketing.

      Copywriting, is the act of writing content with a specific focus on advertising and marketing. The aim of good copywriting is to persuade the reader to take a specific action – whether it be to sign up or make a purchase. Copywriting services are typically used for creating sales copy, product descriptions and promotional content.

      Content marketing is a strategy where your brand is developing content to increase brand awareness and attract new audience members. Content marketing is more focused on introducing new people to your brand before converting them into customers. Content marketing covers a wide range of content types, but examples include blogs, videos, podcasts and whitepapers. So the immediate focus is not to promote the brand outright, but to present your brand as authoritative and an expert in its industry. In the long-term this focus can build a positive relationship with the audience and lead to an increase in sales.

      However, the two can often work together; strong copywriting can make your content marketing more effective, whilst a good content marketing strategy identified new opportunities for copywriting.