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Our creative strategy offers a tailored solution for your brand. Talk us through your business objectives and we’ll curate a strategy that connects with your audience and generates leads.

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Step 3: Refining and optimizing

Even once it’s with you, your strategy is never really finished. Creative strategies are always evolving and growing. Even if you think you’ve got the perfect solution for today, tomorrow always brings surprises.

As new priorities come in, new trends emerge, and challenges arise, we work with our clients to ensure their creative strategy continually fits their needs.

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    Why work with a creative strategy agency?

    Need an objective perspective of your creative and branding?

    When working for a brand it can be easy to become so embedded you struggle to see your brand from the viewpoint of others. In these situations, an agency can offer a helpful hand.

    We can offer you a fresh perspective on your creative strategy, bringing new, unbiased ideas to the table that you may not have thought about.


    Need help scaling up your creative efforts?

    Sometimes it can be hard to assign internal resource to growing your creative strategy.

    By using an agency like us, the scalability of your project becomes much more adaptable. Depending on your budget we can assign as much resource as you need to meet your project’s goals.

    Testimonial image for Creative strategy

    Edison needed to redesign its website to better showcase its content and expertise. Working with MintTwist we were able to build an industry-leading platform, providing investment research, news, video content and thematic pieces for our worldwide audience of investors.

    Stephen Rogers

    Deputy Director of Research at Edison

    Ready to talk about your creative strategy project?

    Give us some details about you and your project, and we’ll be in touch.

      Creative strategy FAQs

      What is creative strategy?

      Your creative strategy is a plan that outlines how your creative assets, your brand messaging and marketing plans work together to meet your business objectives. Your creative strategy looks at the creative execution of your business strategy, making sure you’re targeting the right audience and inspiring them to take the right action. All whilst staying true to your brand.

      Why is creative strategy important in marketing or advertising?

      A creative strategy is important in marketing for multiple reasons. First and foremost, it guides the development of your marketing campaigns. It directs the look and feel of your campaigns, ensuring the final product is reflective of your brand messaging and values.

      An effective creative strategy can also ensure your marketing sets you apart from your competitors, giving you a look and feel that is both simple and memorable.

      What are the main components in a creative strategy?

      A creative strategy consists of several core components:

      • Set your business objectives
      • Pick your KPIs
      • Carve out your target audience
      • Agree your brand’s key message
      • Pick your marketing channels and media
      • Set a budget
      • Create a timeline

      What are the benefits of having a creative strategy?

      There are many benefits to investing time and resource into a creative strategy for your brand.

      • It gives your brand a clear direction to follow, making the development of marketing campaigns a more efficient process.
      • Your creative, marketing and advertising become much more aligned with your business goals, driving more leads, brand awareness and sales.
      • It enables you to be consistent with your brand messaging across all touchpoints, whether they be social media channels, the website or offline interactions.
      • By defining your messaging and audience, your communications will improve and become more successful. With a creative strategy in place, you’ll be reaching and connecting with the right audience.
      • Your brand and campaign engagement will improve with a creative strategy, as you create more memorable marketing campaigns that resonate with your audience.
      • Within a creative strategy you will be setting KPIs and goals you want to achieve. These KPIs will allow you to measure how effective your marketing is, providing valuable insights you can use for future campaigns.

      Ultimately, not having a creative strategy would put you at a big disadvantage. To keep up and challenge the competition, we strongly recommend you develop a creative strategy if you haven’t already.

      What are common mistakes people can make when developing creative strategies?

      Mistakes can be all too easy to make. When working on a creative strategy some of the mishaps we know brands can make include:

      • Not setting clear objectives, which can make it difficult to develop effective campaigns.
      • Not developing a full understanding of their target audience. Not having an in-depth knowledge of who you’re targeting can make it far too easy to create campaigns that miss the mark.
      • The research stage can often be overlooked, limiting the amount of information a brand has (and needs) to create a creative strategy that works.
      • Not setting, or setting and ignoring, KPIs. By not monitoring metrics brands will be in the dark and not know how well their campaigns are working. This can have an impact on the brands ability to evolve and refine future campaigns.
      • Brands can neglect to set a budget, leading to overspending, or resources not being used efficiently.

      How does creative strategy relate to brand strategy?

      Both brand strategy and creative strategy are concepts that share multiple focuses.

      Brand strategy: How your brand is positioning itself amidst the competition to its target audience. Your brand strategy will define who your brand is, and who you want to target.

      Creative strategy: How your brand uses its creative assets to communicate to its target audience and get the desired actions (be it a sale, a sign up, or just increased brand awareness).

      Your creative strategy needs to align with your brand strategy to be effective. Your creative elements should reflect your brand identity, it’s messaging and values. If they don’t, then your marketing will struggle to get the necessary results.