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Website support & maintenance in London

We provide ongoing support and maintenance to keep your website online and working hard for your business.

Continual improvement

Keep your website alive by continually adding new features and functionality

Keep your digital infrastructure refreshed and up to date with our website support service.

Constant technological change and disruption can quickly make your new website go out of date. Continual support, maintenance and refreshing of your website will keep it up to date with new trends and changes.

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Updates and maintenance

Keep your website current with updates and security patches, ensuring that it’s running as smoothly as possible.

We're on call

We can help out with issues as and when they arise, whatever the time of day

Change requests

Ready to help you improve your website with new features and enhancements

Support packages

Consumers today continuously are spoiled with rising standards of digital experiences. There is no tolerance for slow, dysfunctional or outdated websites. It’s all about performance in order to create an enjoyable experience that satisfies the user’s intent, and that is the direct experience users will have of your brand.

At MintTwist we offer a range of website support packages so you always have access to digital experts and can maintain your business critical company website performance. It is important to always keep up with the type of experiences that users are expecting online.

Our support services

Our support services are managed by a dedicated client services manager based at our HQ in London (UK):

  • Bronze Support – telephone and email support plus 1 day of design and development work to keep your website optimised.
  • Silver Support – telephone and email support plus 3 days design and development work. This package allows you to make extensive changes to your website on an on-going basis.
  • Gold Support – a bespoke package tailored to your website’s requirements.

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Our website support service

With in-house design and technical talent, we are fully set up to help implement new website features or help resolve any bugs as they occur.


We run a full Jira ticketing system for support requests for website work.


These are prioritised and allocated on arrival under the following levels:

  • P1 – website is down or currupting data – immediate
  • P2 – Critical issue for which there is no work around – 48hrs
    (other areas of the website are still functioning correctly)
  • P3 – Non-critical issue which can be scheduled – 5 working days


Your Account Manager will keep you regularly updated on the progress of Live tasks as well as to keep you in the loop for tasks that have been scheduled into the diary.

Website hosting services

Our website hosting services are provided by a trusted hosting partner and are professional, scalable, secure and fast:

  • Basic website hosting –one database and a maximum of five email accounts. Suitable for simple websites that do not require large amounts of bandwidth or disk space.
  • Advanced website hosting – available for more complex websites or websites that require large amounts of bandwidth or disk space.

Questions about website support services

Website support includes technical maintenance of the website, anything from new features to correcting errors.

These can be errors in the code, in the content or in graphics like video and images. It could also be problems with page speed, for example too large images or too many plugins and code to load, which is negative for the user experience.

Experiences agencies like MintTwist are experts at dealing with these sort of issues on an ongoing basis.

Essentially, this service is what keeps your website on the internet. Websites are hosted on servers, which is what a browser connects to when someone types a given URL. If you host with MintTwist, users typing your website’s URL will be connected to our servers and it will deliver your website to their browser.

Bare conductive
We’ve finally found a partner that can help us optimize and improve every aspect of our digital strategy. We started with web development but quickly realized the real value is MintTwist’s ability to integrate all aspects of our online presence. They first analyzed our needs, suggested a plan of action and now are in the full swing of improving our website UX, SEO and PPC campaigns. We’ve seen a dramatic improvement across all metrics.
Bibi Nelson Managing Director at Bare Conductive