Our approach to brand design and strategy

When we work with you, consistency is key. Every part of your brand must feel connected. This is an approach you need to stick with to enable your brand to become a recognised, familiar face in the wider world.

With our brand services, we’ll help you establish brand guidelines for every designer, copywriter and anyone else that works for you in the future. All packaged up in a neat and easy-to-follow brand book.

Over time, supported with effective brand campaigns, your brand will build up the recognition and respect it deserves. And your business will reap the rewards.

Brand guidelines

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Messaging framework

Branding architecture

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    Why work with a branding agency?

    Are you expanding your brand offerings?

    Perhaps your brand is expanding its offerings to cover a new product or service, this might involve your brand entering a new market. In these instances, you want your brand to make a good impression.

    We’ll work with you to get to know the market and your competition, helping you adjust your brand positioning so it stands out from the crowd, whilst staying true to your core values.


    Need help growing your brand recognition?

    Your brand may be struggling to get the attention it deserves from your target audience. Increasing your brand awareness is a key step in any marketing strategy to growing sales and revenue.

    We’ll offer you a fresh perspective, helping you to identify parts of your branding that needs some extra TLC. Whether we revise your core messaging, or how your messaging is conveyed to the wider republic, we’ll help you take the necessary steps to earn more brand recognition.


    Considering a rebrand?

    If there are big changes happening in your company, a rebrand can help align your brand with the change. And sometimes, your brand just needs a refresh.

    Driven by data, innovative ideas and an engaging narrative, we’ll help you develop an updated, creative brand design that can help you resonate with your audience. We’ll make sure your messaging is consistent and considers current branding trends.

    Testimonial image for Branding

    Edison needed to redesign its website to better showcase its content and expertise. Working with MintTwist we were able to build an industry-leading platform, providing investment research, news, video content and thematic pieces for our worldwide audience of investors.

    Stephen Rogers

    Deputy Director of Research at Edison

    Ready to talk about your branding project?

    Give us some details about you and your project, and we’ll be in touch.

      Branding FAQs

      What is brand design?

      Brand design is the creation of visual elements (logo, colour palette, typography, website design, images and illustrations) and experiential elements (customer service, brand engagement, UX) that represent a company’s identity and values.

      It also involves creating a consistent look and feel for customers at various touchpoints, such as the website, marketing campaigns, packaging and physical spaces.

      The focus of brand design is to create an image and identity that resonates with your target audience, connecting with them and creating meaningful relationships that will help your brand grow a loyal customer base. An effective brand design can also help you differentiate your brand from the competition, helping your uniqueness stand out and win over your audience.

      How do you create a brand identity?

      There are several steps you need to take to create a brand identity that is a true representation of your values.

      1. Define: start by defining your brand by your mission, values, USP and target audience. You want to work out what is unique to your brand, and how that can align you with your target audience.
      2. Research: market research, audience research, competitor research, you need a lot of data insights to get an idea of what other brands are doing, and what they’re doing well. This will give you an idea of factors you may want to consider for your own brand.
      3. Logo design: Time to create your logo. This logo will be used everywhere for your brand, so you want a design that is reflective of who you are and what you stand for. You also want a design that is unique and easy to recognise.
      4. Finalise other design assets: other visual assets like colour palette and typography need to be agreed. For brand consistency – and again easy recognition – you want to be using the same colours and fonts across all branding pieces. Make sure you choose assets that are reflective of your brand.
      5. Develop brand guidelines: These can be as strict or as relaxed as you want, but the aim of brand guidelines is to help set out how your brand should be represented across various platforms.

      How much does a brand design cost?

      There is no simple answer to this question I’m afraid, the cost of a brand design project is completely dependent on the scope and requirements. The more complex the project is, the greater the cost. For more information on how much your branding project would cost, don’t hesitate to get in touch.