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Erith Group

Erith Group is a national infrastructure and engineering company, specializing in large-scale construction and demolition projects and consultancy throughout the UK and Ireland.

Starting the project…

Erith came to realize that the website for the primary part of their business had become stale and no longer represented the brand they had grown into.

As a respected consultancy, Erith decided they needed a new design for their website that better portrayed who they are as a business. MintTwist were asked to review their existing site and propose a way forward that better reflects the ethos and people behind the business.

The company has many case studies and works in numerous industries, so the challenge finding a way to show all of the work the different facets of the business does in a way that isn’t overwhelming.

We wanted to build upon the narrative of Erith’s family-run, friendly and people-orientated brand ethos, with large visuals and a key focus on the individuals and teams behind the projects they undertake.

A brand new design prioritizing people

With a strong focus on the teams of people behind Erith Group, we endeavoured to weave as much photography and video as possible into the website story and user journey.

From the case studies to the services, the focus of each page design was designed to bring the personality of the business to the fore. We wanted it to be very clear that Erith is a people-centric business, and not just another faceless consultancy.

The namesake home location, and the breadth of the area served, were also key to the marketing and brand objectives for the new site, so it was important that all types of content were interconnected, creating a seamless and intuitive user journey.

Achieving business goals

The new website needed to work hard for Erith, and whilst it was important to portray the personality and work-life for the individuals behind it, the website ultimately needed to increase the brand presence and reachability of the company.

We made sure to make good use of modern design and technological techniques to nudge website visitors through important journeys on the site, with the ultimate goal of increasing engagement with Erith’s audiences.

We are so impressed with what we have that we think there will be further works with our other group companies. Watch this space!

Thanks again, and please give my thanks to the team.
Matt HarperICT Director

And so…

We aim to continue our relationship with Erith and will go from strength to strength to support the business in its goals in the medium and long term, with a program of continual improvements for this website, as well as for the group’s other sites.

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