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Corndel is a unique, multi award-winning UK management and technology training provider.


The project challenges

Corndel needed to replace their outdated website with one that was more representative of how much the brand had grown over the years.

The business decided that, although their old site had served them well over the years, it had become cumbersome and difficult to manage for the internal teams, as well as a usability and accessibility nightmare for the website visitors.

MintTwist were asked to rationalize the user experience into a wholly new website experience, taking into account the equally-important needs of the departments within Corndel.

The creative and technology teams aimed to improve the whole site experience, from the subtle interactions and website navigation to the site load speed and SEO.


The needs of all users is important

Corndel is an organization that deals with varied audiences, and it was important that the creative for the new site was compassionate of that, as well as the business needs of the units of Corndel itself.

We concentrated on ensuring the user journeys are short but informative by connecting all of the different types of content with standout calls to action, and a navigation system that prioritizes the logical flow of information. This means that the right information is always at hand, and the user’s journey doesn’t end abruptly.

And so…

The end product is a site that is much easier to use and navigate. We worked closely with Corndel to ensure all the needs of their internal departments are met, as well as those of the diverse audiences.




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