Resource management

Digitising your business allows you to manage assets and resources more effectively and efficiently than traditional methods.


General operations within your business will become easier to manage and optimise.

Customer insights

Tracking customer behaviours is invaluable to increasing sales and business. Digital transformation allows you to gain customer insights.

The transformative power of digital

True digital transformation needs to involve every aspect of your company. It’s about doing business in a digital world where the lines between the traditional ways of doing things, and the new digital versions of those same things, are becoming ever more blurred. Digital now permeates every part of a business and it’s time to plan for your future success.

Customer behaviour is changing

With the speed at which digital is affecting our daily lives, and the rate at which this is accelerating, businesses need to keep up and be just as be fast at reacting and changing themselves to meet that customer behaviour.

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    Digital transformation projects

    A business wide transformation project will require input from every aspect of your business, so it is crucial that you are able to get buy-in from your senior management team and the company card so the subsequent changes to infrastructure and processes are a success.

    Without this company-wide agreement, it is extremely difficult to make the desired impact. The internal challenge is to make sure that you have this in place before undertaking a project of this scale.

    Once you have the vision agreed with senior members of the business, it is important that these changes are then shared through the rest of the company. Digital transformation is about adapting the culture of the business and the way it operates to work with new technology, rather than shoehorning the selected technology stack to fit the business.

    Think about your customers

    Customer behaviours change just as quickly as the technology does so it is important that any transformation project is constantly checking if it serves a real customer need. You should not be doing things just because it sounds like a good idea.

    Create a business road map

    The change that you embrace as a business should evolve into a continuous process, not seen as a one off project. It’s a way of thinking that should never stop.

    Some of the brands we’ve worked with

    Testimonial image for Digital transformation

    Edison needed to redevelop its website to better showcase its content and expertise. Working with Mintwist we were able to build an industry-leading platform, providing investment research, news, video content and thematic pieces for our worldwide audience of investors.

    Stephen Rogers

    Deputy Director of Research