Ninja Tune

A new spin on production music libraries.

The Mission

Ninja Tune is a legendary London based independent record label.

We were asked to help design and develop an exclusive music library, creating an extensive, intuitive and bespoke search engine of Ninja Tune Production Music.

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To create a new platform for Ninja tune which will allow them to market their huge back catalogue of music to the production music industry.






Taking our cue from the main Ninja Tune Brand, we created an easy to use client facing platform which is bold, bright, clear and easy to navigate.

The user has a seamless journey which allows them to search, bookmark and download from the library of production music.






Built using the Laravel PHP framework, we integrated with the Harvest Media content management system to handle the tracks and built a content management system to handle the textual marketing content.

Nifty Javascript enables the player to continue playing songs between page loads.






The search functionality is a stand-out feature, providing quick access to all the music in the library.

From immediate results in the drop down menu, based on the search query, to a predictive search weighted by most recent, users can find what they need in seconds either by keyword, or one of the many filters –  genre, mood, instrument, production, album