Bringing tech front and centre

FIA London’s old website wasn’t working for them, so we needed to rethink the entire user experience

From the start, we understood that the Fashion Innovation Agency are as much a technology organization within UAL as they are a creative fashion one, and there was a desire to reflect that with their website.

We worked closely with the team at FIA London to re-plan the user journey, placing the fantastic case studies they had at the centre of the experience.

We made full use of FIA London’s suite of multimedia content to really show off the work, and the end result not only looked amazing, but worked so well as a holistic user experience.

Our creative solution

Challenges presented and met using research and data

MintTwist understood that user habits and trends are ever evolving—along with the technology-rich sector in which FIA London finds itself—and it was important to us that anything we design and build into the website enhances the experience of a visitor during the research process and beyond. The old site didn’t meet the needs of the organization, as well as the needs of those using the site.

It was vitally important that the creative website design work produced by those at FIA London was well signposted and that it was easy to find and browse. We did this through careful restructuring of the website navigation, as well as improving the overall site map to reduce clutter and lower the hurdle for visitors to achieve their goals.

Users now find it much easier to quickly get what they want.

Case study image for Fashion Innovation Agency

Muktimedia is key

How best to truly showcase the breadth of FIA London’s work?

From the outset we knew that FIA London had a huge library of multimedia to accompany their case studies, so we made special accommodations in both the creative work and the behind-the-scenes technology for the site.

We prototyped various versions of templates—all with rich interactions and video content—to figure out how best to display interactive 3D content, regardless of device. This presented some challenges for touch devices, but we reached a wonderful-looking system of displaying may different types of media, throughout the site.

Case study image for Fashion Innovation Agency

A successful launch

FIA London’s new site went live without any problems

The team is so proud of the work that went into the new WordPress website for FIA London, and it’s great to see the hard work pay off with a zappy, functional new site.

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