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Wagamama is a British restaurant chain, serving Asian food based on Japanese cuisine with over 150 locations across the UK.

wagamama logo
Interior of a Wagamama restaurant

Project overview

Wagamama approached MintTwist as they looked to grow the organic traffic to their website. They wanted to conduct a full SEO audit of the existing Wagamama Website, as well as to understand the Keyword Universe surrounding their brand and their products, as well as the wider Organic Search Competitors successfully operating in the marketplace.

Wagamama not only wanted to improve visibility for high competition, conversion keywords, but also informational “recipe” keywords with high monthly search volume.

Wagamama, being a well-known brand, also attracts a large number of branded queries. The domain was originally being outranked by third parties for several branded search terms owing to a variety of technical and content issues on the site.

Screenshot of wagamama homepage

People eating in a wagamama restaurant

Full Website Audit

One of the first and most crucial steps of any SEO project is an SEO audit.

This allows us to find all potential problems and opportunities on a site. For Wagamama, we took a deep dive into the site from both a technical and content angle.

Technical Issues

The wagamama domain contained several major technical issues which were having a severe impact in the way Google and other search engines understood the site’s content and, in turn, often opted not to rank or (in some cases) index several important pages.


  • Lacking schema markup – a crucial componant for recipe pages
  • Thin pages – Not targeting keywords
  • Duplicate metadata between pages – confusing both users and search engines
  • Unoptimised/missing page headings – making it difficult to understand the page
Noodles being served from a wok

Keyword Research

Keyword research allows us to find exactly what users are searching for and build content around search intent.

The Wagamama site is relevant for a wide variety of queries, not just converting customers. During the keyword research phase, we found several topical categories of keywords that the Wagamama site could rank.

These categories included:

  • Recipe queries
  • Restaurant types
  • Foods
  • Local searches

The future of the Wagamama website’s content will rely heavily on this research.

And so…

We continue to work with Wagamama in order to improve rankings, increase brand visibility and drive customers.

Our foundational SEO work has built a clear and robust strategy to allow the future improvement of the site’s organic search strength!

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