Our audits can help you by:

• Identifying digital opportunity
Understand your strengths and exploit your competitors’ weaknesses

• Establishing better processes
Get more control over your digital assets with the right mechanisms in place

• Reducing costs
Our audit will highlight areas that are inefficient and losing money

• Choosing the right technology
Whether it is for customer management or marketing automation, we’ll recommend the right platforms

Identify skill gaps

We can identify areas in which more training may be required and provide a bespoke program tailored to this.

Independent viewpoint

It can be incredibly valuable to have someone who is detached from your initial digital strategy train an analytical eye over your approach.

Regular, customised reporting

We can set up a customised, automated report on Google Data Studio that will allow you to monitor your own ongoing performance with no additional work.

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    Website and digital marketing audit

    Our audits will assesses the existing website, SEO, PPC, social and overall online performance to give you a clear idea of areas that need improvements and areas in which you are doing well. It includes:

    • Immediate action points to tackle serious issues that affect rankings and conversions

    • Recommendations for improved performance

    • Identified skills gaps in marketing teams and training recommendations

    • Twelve-month campaign and task calendar for digital success

    • Our two-step approach

    • Our tried and tested methodology starts with an audit and then works with you to deliver online services more efficiently and effectively. We develop strategies that deliver:

    • Experience
    Giving an audience a positive online impression and trusts you

    • Expertise
    Showing your authority and knowledge, and reassures audiences that you are an expert in the field

    • Engagement
    Keeps your audience coming back for more by creating loyalty and sales

    If you want more from your digital strategy, website and online activities, get in touch with our team to discuss how an audit will help.

    Some of the brands we’ve worked with

    Testimonial image for Digital audit

    MintTwist has been great to work with; they understood our organisation’s objectives and helped us to build a solid digital strategy based on this. The success of our digital campaigns have improved enormously as a result

    Josie Gleave

    Short Courses Marketing at City, University of London