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We help clients create and capture value from their data and to solve their most complex business problems.

In need of insight into your customers and how they behave?

Our team of experts are ready to give your business a competitive edge using data and our mission is clear:

To give customers a competitive edge using data.

Our data services, run out of our London HQ, help our clients to grow revenues and profits using data and Machine Learning, through intelligent deep learning Data Analytics service.

Our data services

We can help you with:

  • Measurement and data strategy
  • Insight-powered personalisation
  • Segmentation, profiling and propensity modelling
  • Customer life-cycle management
  • Ultra personalised, data driven campaigns
  • Cross device shopping opportunities
  • Customer experience and feedback management
  • Dashboards and Visualisation

Our approach to Big Data

Our approach is simple. We focus on being able to answer the questions you have about your customers, the performance of your existing marketing programmes and existing customer journeys. We believe the true value of data can only be harnessed by asking questions and the more questions you have the better.

We help you unlock the untapped potential within your customer data by shining the light on data-led answers to your questions that might otherwise be overlooked.

A well thought out data strategy will:

  • Give you competitive edge
  • Give you insight your competitors won't have
  • Grow revenues
  • Help you future plan

Data insight at a glance

If you are looking to gain deeper understanding of the characteristics of your customers, our team of data experts can help.  Typical customer data insight can include: demographic, geolocation, lifestyle, financial status, marital status.

We can help you to identify the most successful way to improve and enrich the quality of your customer data which will allow you to make better decisions and power more accurate communications.

There will also be opportunities to identify new sales opportunities based on historic buying patterns and purchasing triggers as well as improving the overall quality and value of your customer data.

We provide services aligned to your individual business needs and objectives with fully documented findings and recommendations.

Data mining and data analytics

Data and the ability to use data to compete are becoming the most important assets of modern business. The key focus for us is our client’s business outcomes and we want to see all our customers thrive with the very best of technology and the smartest people.

We provide a fully managed, subscription-based data analytics service that can be deployed quickly and delivers immediate value. We help our clients to create and capture value from data and to solve their most complex problems.

Peak is an automated platform for acquiring, integrating, analysing, and drawing insight from any kind of data, at huge or bespoke scale.

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