History of Digital Marketing

Throughout the centuries there are key events that have shaped our definition of marketing and this unique form of communication between company and consumer.

Although not a new concept, marketing has evolved significantly since the start of the digital age. With the internet boom and the creation of different online mediums, digital marketing has either accompanies or has entirely replaced traditional, offline marketing.

Take a read through our interactive MintTwist Digital Timeline and discover more about these pivotal moments.

Google Introduces the ‘Disavow Tool’    

Google introduced ‘Disavow Tool’ to assist websites maintain page rankings despite spammy and poor authority inbound links.

Instagram Now Sells Ad Space    

Instagram started selling ads in late 2013 to top brands such as Levi’s and Disney. The advertising options include photos, video ads to direct web links.

Google releases their Hummingbird algorithm    

In August 2013, Google released Hummingbird, its latest algorithm update. The update affected semantic searches.

Penguin 2.0 Rolls Out    

The Penguin 2.0 amend is released to little apparent impact. Digital marketers are unsure what the major changes are, bit it is suggested that the amend occurred at page level.  

Twitter For All    

Twitter advertising is released for all businesses, whether small, medium or large. Previous to 2013, only large companies with global followings were able to take advantage of Twitter’s advertising offer. 

Enhanced Campaigns In AdWords    

Google AdWords launches enhanced campaigns to support better multi-device user experiences.