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Social media management

Helping brands of all shapes and sizes leverage social media effectively

Social media management agency London

We create and manage social media strategies for businesses to reach new leads and form relationships with existing customers

social media marketing

Our team of social media experts create strategies aligning with your core brand and goals.

Our social media agency, based in London, provides social media solutions that increases audience engagement and builds your brand. We will create digital marketing campaigns to meet your precise business objectives as well as manage your accounts on a daily basis.

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Social media that fits your business

Not all forms of social media and social advertising fit every business. Some find that a single Facebook account or Linkedin page will do, whilst others can make good use of Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, YouTube and TikTok to showcase their products/services and brand.  Whatever your business, our social media team offers:

  • Social media audit
  • Social media strategy
  • Social media consulting
  • Content calendar creation
  • Post creation
  • Social media analysis
  • Social listening reports and insights

We will work closely with you to put together the right package for your business that includes making use of any internal resources available to us.  We want to ensure that the services we offer are at the right level for your company and making use of your existing team is a fantastic way to cost-effectively distribute the monthly work.

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Social media strategy

To build a successful social media strategy it’s important to first know exactly what it is you want to achieve. That is why our team will work closely with you to develop a strong understanding of your brand and establish your social objectives.

Once your goals have been set, we will undertake a full social media audit, as well as using social listening tools, to understand:

  • Your current profile, who your followers are and what content has worked best for you so far
  • Your target audience and the content they with engage most. What are they looking for and what would they like to see from your brand?
  • Your competitors, what is and isn’t working for them and how to gain competitive advantage

All of which will be incorporated into your ongoing strategy.

Content and post creation for social media

Developing on your social strategy we will create post mock-ups including your creatives, copy and hashtags and rationale to how each post fits into your overall aim and what value it will provide your audience. At this stage in particular we are flexible in working with your in-house team, whether it be a Social Media Manager or In-House Creative Designer, we can work closely with your team to produce the best post for you.

Through social listening we can also help develop campaigns to specifically address the wants of your target audience by identifying specific pain points within your industry or common discussions within your industry you may be unaware of. We can help you understand what your audience is talking about and how to use it to your advantage in order to broaden your reach by talking about more than ‘just or brand’ and increase trust and engagement rates by sharing knowledge of value to your audience.

Social media content calendar

We will develop a social media content calendar to reflect your business goals through the best platforms available to you. Our team of experts will monitor your profile’s progress to continuously adapt and optimise your social media strategy. This includes the use of different post formats, copy, images and hashtags as well as publishing at the optimum times and frequency in order to increase your engagement rates.

If you want to maintain a high level of control over your content, we can also implement approval workflows within our social media management tools meaning nothing will be posted without your final go ahead.

Reputation management advise

Social media isn’t just about sharing, listening is just as important. The chances are that your customers are talking about you on social media already, regardless of whether or not you’re listening. By participating in and facilitating the discussion on social media, you ensure that you control your brand’s message, reputation and continue to expand your reach.

We will offer top advise on reputation and community management to ensure you continue to build relationships and maintain positive brand perception. Through our tools, we can monitor all mentions of your brand on social to ensure nothing goes unmissed again. Whether it’s responding to someone talking positively about your product, handling customer service requests or just getting involved in more general conversations we will put your brand at the forefront to increase positive exposure.

The full social media package

As a digital agency, we can align your social media strategy with other aspects of your digital marketing to drive the best results for your brand. We can incorporate social listening, paid social ads, promoted posts and influencer strategies as well as improving your wider content marketing and video strategies to continuously optimise, reach new customers and form deeper relationships. Let us know what you want and we can create a bespoke package to fulfil your needs!

MintTwist were fantastic from start to finish!
Samantha Barrow Head of Marketing at REaD Group

Frequently Asked Questions in Social Media

Whereas social monitoring is the act of monitoring for specific mentions of your brand, social listening takes it a step further to listen to and understand wider conversations taking place in your industry and who by. Social listening can help you:

  • Assess the performance of your content strategy, identify what works for you and how you compare to you competitors
  • Engage with your customers
  • Address and avoid PR disasters and manage your brand reputation online
  • Track competitors, their updates, campaigns and initiatives
  • Find pain points within your industry and become the brand to solve them
  • Discover new sales leads
  • Identify influencers within your industry and brand advocates
  • Assess brand sentiment