The project

DeWalt Workwear asked MintTwist to develop a tailored social media strategy, setting up their profiles, and launching content across Facebook and Instagram.

The project posed some unique challenges. Content had to be poised to align with the parent DeWalt pages and could not look to compete with partner retailers. Audiences needed to see a benefit in following multiple pages rather than disconnecting from existing profiles.

Uncovering insights in the UK workwear landscape

Our social audit assessed:

Profiles and content performance of existing DeWalt socials

UK competitors and the success of their respective social tactics

The existing DeWalt audience (pulling extensive insights across their demographics, personality traits, interests, and core purchase decision factors)

Social listening to discover how construction workwear and related topics were being discussed across social platforms

Case study image for DeWalt Social Media

Our social strategy for DeWalt Workwear

Combining our insights, we developed a tailored social media strategy focusing on 3 core elements:

Highlight the DeWalt name

Our analysis showed ‘brand name‘ as the top purchase influence for our target audience. Therefore, it was crucial to incorporate the well-established DeWalt name across social content, and align with core branding, messaging, and campaigns to enhance credibility and the likelihood of users buying.

Encourage existing DeWalt followers over to the new workwear pages

These users already had a strong affinity for power tools, thus an obvious fit for additionally requiring workwear for construction/ plumbing/ electrics/ etc. We worked with DeWalt to strategise a brand tagging plan so their existing users could find the workwear featured in the existing profile’s content.

Promote unique products and benefits

As expected, ‘product utility‘ also ranked highly as a core purchase influence for this audience.

DeWalt Workwear provided items unavailable for purchase across the parent website or retailers.

Therefore, elevating these products and information about their unique benefits supplied users with value which could not be obtained elsewhere. A point of difference for the DeWalt Workwear social pages was established.

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Photo shoots designed to grab attention

To avoid heavily duplicating content across profiles, MintTwist assisted in several photoshoots.

In addition to differentiating the social media pages, the shoot looked to create content which further highlighted the clothing and footwear only available on the DeWalt Workwear website.

The process consisted of both product and lifestyle photography, followed by image selection and editing in accordance to the DeWalt brand guidelines.

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MintTwist blew us away with the depth of their research and continued to prove their value, month on month.

Client Name

Managing Director

And so…

We delivered a strategic social media plan

We to drive new following, unique value, and web traffic, a batch of initial content and creative templates for feature use, and a unique asset library. DeWalt Workwear continues to use this outline to advance their social presence.

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