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  • +157% web traffic in the first month
  • +33% session time
  • -60% bounce rate
  • +54% average number pages viewed
Goldsmiths University PPC

A full SEO strategy and large PPC and Social Advertising campaigns to grow student numbers

Google Ads agency in Central London

Our Google AdWords management services are tailored to meet your marketing objectives. This means your ads will be created and optimised so they are viewed by an audience most likely to convert.

If your brand has a marketing campaign that needs to bring in results quickly, then you should consider running a campaign on Google Ads. Like any paid search campaign, Google Ads will help bring in results in the short-term, giving other marketing channels you’re using the chance to work.

Design and run a Google Ads campaign well and your brand will appear above your competitors in the search results. At MintTwist we specialise in PPC management. In fact, we are a Google Partner, with direct access to the account managers at Google. This partnership gives us valuable data insights, that make managing Google Ad campaigns a much smoother and efficient process.


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Transparency & reporting

We’re 100% transparent on all costs and ad spend. We also provide monthly reports, providing your performance data along with key insights and learnings. We’ll always walk you through the data to make sure you’re up to speed.

Data-driven optimisation

Our ad campaigns are continuously revised and optimised to deliver results. All decisions we make are data-driven, using analytics and testing to optimise campaigns and track success.

Flexible approach

We can adapt our Google Ads strategy to reflect changes in the market or your business. We’re open to adjusting the strategy based on feedback and emerging trends so we’re getting the best results for you.

Benefits of using Google Ads in your Paid Search strategy

What can a managed Google Ads campaign do for your business?

See your brand featured in relevant search results.

Target a warm audience already searching for your products or services.

Increase your brand’s visibility on Google Search.

Reach out to new audiences who otherwise may not have seen you.

Generate results quickly.

Keep campaigns conversion-focused.

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    Our approach to Google Ads Management

    Communication is central to our work with you. Each of our clients have an assigned account manager, who will keep you up to date on the progress of your Google Ads account. You’ll receive monthly Google Ads Reports, where you can see work completed and the performance data of the account for that month, across the different campaigns.

    To create the best possible campaign for your business, we start with a call to get to know you and your business needs. Following this, our expert team will begin extensive keyword research, using competitor and audience insights to identify the search terms most relevant to your business’s goals.

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    Google Ads Audit

    We’ll audit your current Google Ads account, analysing the different areas to identify any budget misspend or issues.
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    Google Ads Strategy

    Using audit insights and keyword research, we will develop a strategy for your Google Ads account.
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    Campaign set-up

    With an agreed strategy in place we set up your media plan and campaign, ensuring tracking works and accurate data is being captured.
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    Ongoing Optimisation

    Our Google Ads campaigns are constantly being reviewed and updated to keep them optimal and delivering results on a regular basis.
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    MintTwist have been great to work with; they understood our organisation’s objectives and helped us to build a solid digital strategy based on this. The success of our digital campaigns have improved enormously as a result.

    Josie Gleave

    Short Courses Marketing at City, University of London

    Ready to talk about your Google Ads project?

    Give us some details about you and your project, and we’ll be in touch.

      Google AdWords FAQs

      Why did Google AdWords rebrand to Google Ads?

      In 2018, Adwords rebranded to Google Ads. The purpose of this change was to bring all the different campaign types under a single unified brand: Google Ads now represents Search, Display and Video.

      How do I choose the right bidding strategy for my Google Ads campaign?

      To choose the right bidding strategy for your Ads campaign, you should consider your business goals, budget, and target audience. You can choose from several bidding strategies, including manual CPC, automated CPC, target CPA, and target ROAS.

      What is Quality Score and how does it impact my Google Ads campaign?

      Quality Score is a metric that measures the relevance and quality of your ad copy, keywords, and landing pages. It impacts your Google Ads campaign by affecting your ad position, cost per click (CPC), and ad rank. A higher Quality Score can improve your campaign’s performance and reduce your costs.

      How do I target specific audiences with my Google Ads campaign?

      To target specific audiences with your Google Ads campaign, you can use targeting options such as location targeting, demographic targeting, device targeting, and remarketing. These options allow you to reach users who are most likely to be interested in your products or services.

      How do I create effective display ads for my Google Ads campaign?

      To create effective display ads for your Google Ads campaign, you should use eye-catching images, clear headlines, and persuasive copy that highlights the benefits of your products or services. You should also use targeting options to reach users who are most likely to be interested in your products or services.

      How do I set up a remarketing campaign in Google Ads?

      To set up a remarketing campaign in Google Ads, you need to create a remarketing tag and add it to your website. You can then create a remarketing campaign that targets users who have visited your website or specific pages on your website.

      How do I optimize my Google Ads campaign for mobile devices?

      To optimize your Google Ads campaign for mobile devices, you should ensure that your landing pages are mobile-friendly, use shorter ad copy, and use mobile-specific ad formats such as call-only ads or mobile app ads.

      Find out more about creating effective PPC campaigns on mobile.

      How do I use negative keywords in my Google Ads campaign?

      Negative keywords are keywords that you want to exclude from your Google Ads campaign. To use negative keywords, you should identify irrelevant or low-quality keywords that are triggering your ads and add them to your negative keyword list.

      How do I use Google Ad campaigns to target international audiences?

      To target international audiences using Google Ads, you should create separate campaigns or ad groups for each language or region you want to target. You should also use keyword research tools to identify relevant keywords and phrases for each target market.

      How do I use Google Ads to promote my mobile app?

      To use Google Ads to promote your mobile app, you can create an app campaign that targets users who are searching for or using apps that are similar to yours. You can also use in-app ads to reach users while they are using other mobile apps.

      How do I use Google Ads to promote my e-commerce store?

      To use Google Ads to promote your e-commerce store, you can create a shopping campaign that showcases your products and prices in search results. You can also use remarketing to target users who have abandoned their shopping carts or who have previously purchased from your store.

      What is Performance Max?

      Performance max is a type of campaign you can use in Google Ads. It uses machine learning and data to show the right ads to the right audience. Rather than focusing on keywords, performance max is designed to drive performance based on your desired conversions.

      What is a Google Ad Grant?

      A Google Ad Grant is a pro bono programme designed for charities and non-profit organizations. Those that apply and are successful receive a free Google Ads Account, with a certain amount of ad spend they can put towards their digital marketing. The program is designed to give charities of all sizes the chance to promote their services to a wider audience and have a greater impact.