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Nextbase PPC

Nextbase are Europe’s leading car technology and dash cam brand. MintTwist were tasked with helping them to execute an effective 2021 Paid Media strategy. The client’s main goals were to drive sales and revenue on their e-commerce site, and maintain their position as market leader.

Nextbase Logo on Blue Background
Nextbase wide angle dash cam

Other goals of the campaign were to:

  1. Maximise awareness of the brand
  2. Drive high quality traffic to the website
  3. Increase proportion of revenue attributed to paid media

The project strategy

We developed both conversion and awareness strategies to target both the US and UK audiences at each stage of the marketing funnel.

Using Twitter, Facebook/Instagram, Spotify and Huawei, we strategically selected platforms where potential customers spent time online and used these to generate an all-around presence of the Nextbase brand. To maximise exposure of Nextbase and reach people that may not have been actively looking for the product, we introduced the brand through informational and educational paid social and display advertising. At the consideration stage, we created search campaigns on Google and Bing targeting people searching for dash cams and related terms with the goal of increasing impression shares and becoming the go-to dash cam brand. A competitor campaign was created to target users searching for competitor products and brands, with the goal of converting them over to Nextbase products. Google Smart Shopping ads were also used to reach in-market users across YouTube, Gmail, Search and Display.

At the conversion phase, a branded search campaign captured users actively searching for Nextbase, whilst also working to prevent competitors from appearing for searches containing the brand name. On Facebook/Instagram, we utilised remarketing ads to target users who had already visited the website to encourage them to make the final purchase.

Nextbase Website Screenshot
Cars driving on a motorway



  • The UK campaigns generated 9,105,418 impressions and 269,645 clicks.
  • 266,423 sessions driven with 88% of these being new users
  • 20% of overall traffic delivered from paid media & 40% of overall revenue delivered from paid media.
  • From March to August, each month generated more revenue than the last.
  • Google Ads Transactions increased by 267% P-o-P (7 months)
  • Google Ads Revenue increased by 237% P-o-P.
  • Google Ads ROI Increased by 43% P-o-P.


  • The campaigns generated 1,316,863 impressions and 29,273 clicks.
  • 32,668 sessions driven with 91% of these being new users to the site.
  • 27% of total e-commerce revenue delivered by paid media.
blue purple image of a car driving
We have worked with using their PPC, Social Media Management, SEO and web design services and they have done a brilliant work! We have seen great improvement across all metrics and sales since we started working with them. The team is very highly knowledgeable, efficient and very friendly.
Bryn BrookerHead of Marketing
Nextbase wide angle dash cam

And so…

Through our awareness strategy, the target market is now familiar with the brand and are more likely to actively look for Nextbase products when researching dash cams.

Through strong sales performance attributed to our conversion campaigns, Nextbase now have a pool of customers and data from which to generate repeat purchases and drive brand loyalty going forward.




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