Project summary

Goldsmiths University of London is a close-knit community with a rich academic heritage, it’s a creative powerhouse and a thought-provoking place.

The university describes itself as a “fluid and energetic community where staff and students work in partnership to bring learning to life”.

To develop a full SEO strategy with the help of the university’s in-house digital marketing team.

Our first step was to analyse the full website to find key issues and to highlight them to Goldsmiths.

We then created a number of campaigns to draw the right people to the website.

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Goldsmiths University of London had a couple of main objectives; to increase keyword rankings of priority pages and to drive more traffic to their website.

Additionally, we needed to gain sign-ups for the university’s Postgraduate Event and create campaigns to drive brand awareness.

Case study image for Goldsmiths University PPC


We analysed potential target audiences and created an SEO strategy that would suit each case in the best way. This allowed us to create priorities and structure for the campaign based on:

Key courses

Search volume

Key audiences

Key objectives


Key conversion actions or touchpoints


With the research and analytics data available to us, we were then able to prioritise which SEO work should be rolled out first.

We then implemented all campaign activity and analysed the results for Goldsmiths.

The SEO strategy

We recommended updates to page titles for all the duplicated page titles which represented a total of 7,702 pages.

We identified that many page titles were too long, which can distract from the real subject of the page. The young generation’s attention span is very short and we know that they respond far better to visual content, emojis, etc.

We helped the university with their Postgraduate Open Day which was a great success and also worked on their International Branding Strategy campaign.

The result

Hero banner image


Web traffic in the first month


Session time


Bounce rate

One of the largest campaigns we ran for Goldsmiths was the International Awareness Campaign.

The campaign’s success is reflected in the results:

130,048 taking actions

779,844 people reaching

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