The mission

M8ts Bingo’s unique distinguishing concept is that it is “social media-style bingo” – a new form of community gaming: it enables its players to play in groups – or, more precisely it allows players to share the benefits of both their own bingo wins and also those of other players in their groups.

The underpinning principle:

When you play m8ts Bingo – you share the win, share the fun.

MintTwist were brought on board to design the website and develop the website from the ground up, integrating with Parlay, an industry leading software platofrm that provides our Laravel developers with the ability to attract, engage, and entertain online customers and social communities using a robust suite of APIs.

Rich features

It was important that we provided a crisp, modern interface with rich gaming experiences that underpin the platform. We would be including:

  • Full-featured 75-number and 90-number bingo games
  • Multi-language & multi-currency features
  • Highly flexible and customisable bonusing system; important for the new concept
  • Powerful scheduling, reporting and administration functionality
  • Large games catalogue, via Parlay5, featuring nearly 100 slots and side games

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User experience

An important feature of the m8ts Bingo user-experience is that, once logged in to m8ts Bingo, the user has a Profile Page whose appearance can be customised by selecting a Theme creating a Personal Space to reflect the user’s history of playing the game.

For example, by displaying group badges and ribbons – and also to reflect their social networking activities, perhaps by displaying virtual gifts from friends, photos of family and friends.

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In m8ts Bingo, a matching percentage of all cash prizes that a user wins while in a bingo session, having first picked a group to represent, goes into the cash pot fund for that group.

Once a week, the cash pot of a group would then become the cash prize to be won in particular scheduled game of bingo. Entry into that game is then limited to members of that group.

This all adds to the community aspect of playing with m8ts, rather than the usual solitary bingo experience.

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Our plan was a bold one and you managed to deliver on every single aspect of the brief, we are delighted with the result – and your patience with us throughout the process was much appreciated!

Pete Ward


24/7 support

With the doors to the virtual bingo hall open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, it was important that we structured the support for the website in a way that allowed us to be on hand for any technical issues, no matter what the time of day.

We created a rota of support staff to man the help desk and deal with tickets as they were raised.

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Messages sent in the communal chat

The result

m8ts bingo is a well-organised and massive bingo site from one of the UK’s leading sportsbooks.

There are always a few hundred players hanging out in the numerous bingo rooms which has made the social aspect of the website a huge success.

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