Campaign objectives

Faber Music is a multi-award-winning skincare line for pregnancy, new mums and babies. The brand sells their products via multiple retailers and online, and also have had good success selling on Amazon.

However, their Amazon product listings were not optimised, and not all products were receiving the online visibility that they could have.

Our objective was therefore to optimise the product listings, improve their Amazon online presence with Amazon SEO and Amazon PPC, and ultimately increase sales and revenue through Amazon.

Our strategy

Auditing, research and analysis

The first step of this project involved analysing and benchmarking the current performance of Faber Music Amazon store. This consisted of the below preliminary steps:

  • Amazon backend benchmarking: The first step is to assess the current position of Faber Music on Amazon. This allowed us to identify any potential issues such as low conversion rate, low organic keyword rankings, limited traffic and pageviews. Additionally, this analysis allows us to benchmark each product listing which simplifies tracking and reporting and allows us to carefully select the most important KPIs.
  • Competitor analysis (both direct and search competitors): By analysing Faber Music’s direct competitors, we were able to compare the Amazon store structure and tactics that their competitors were adopting which helped us define the strategy. Additionally, we manually identified the top search competitors who rank for the same keywords that we wanted to be ranking for as well. This also allowed us to determine what makes those products rank high.
  • Keyword research: Keyword research is a crucial step and helped identify all the relevant keywords Faber Music should be ranking for, their average monthly searches, and what the current rank was for those keywords. Once we had a full list, we were then able to select the highest priority ones and base our optimisations on them.

Case study image for Faber Music

Product optimisations

Once the preliminary steps were completed and we had a strong plan in place, our SEO team got to work and implemented the following actions:

  • Optimising the product listings content based on the selected keywords
  • Adding images, improving layout, and updating descriptions of the product listings
  • Creating EBC content for each of the products
  • Creating a customised report and monitoring product listings performance month on month

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Increase in ranking keywords


Increase in units ordered


Increase in revenue generated

The results

As with all SEO projects, our efforts normally require 3 to 6 months to take full effect and for us to see the results.

In this case, we started seeing great return from month 3 onwards.

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