Project summary

La Montana were having success with their product on their own website as well as in boutique stores online and offline.

They wanted to now take advantage of the large volumes of sales of similar products that were happening on the Amazon marketplace.

Our objective was to get the products listed on the Amazon website and start to drive sales.

Amazon strategy

The overarching strategy was to optimise for SEO on Amazon organic search and create an accompanying paid advertising campaign to drive additional targeted traffic.

However, there were several steps in the chain that we needed to complete in order to achieve this.

Competitor research

We wanted to understand a little more about the competitive landscape, so we undertook a piece of work to detail the following about each of La Montana’s closest competitors:

  • Average # of reviews
  • Sponsored ads
  • Enhanced Brand Content
  • Estimated sales for last 30 Days
  • Average BSR (Best Seller Rank)
  • # of Total Ranking Keywords
  • Price
  • Content Evaluation (marks out of 10)
  • General Evaluation (marks out of 10)

The resulting findings gave us a huge amount of insight to then move ahead with the content we needed to create for each of the products.

Case study image for La Montana

Product optimisation

Using our findings from the research phase, we optimised each of the products focusing specifically on:

  • Product Titles
  • Descriptions
  • Bullet points
  • Images

With the products now in a much healthier position, we were in a position to introduce some paid advertising to the listings.

Testimonial image for La Montana
We worked very closely with MintTwist to optimise both our Amazon Account and the Product Listings. The results have been fantastic.

Jonathan Hall


Paid advertising

We wanted to create a campaign to compliment the La Montana brand. Se we:

  • Delivered five customised workshops for the RCA’s marketing and recruitment team
  • Created a technical website audit
  • Highlighted technical fixes
  • Conducted keyword research and optimisations
  • Generated course naming strategies
  • Designed a new URL structure and provided on-site recommendations
  • Developed highly targeted campaigns to boost applications for less popular courses.

Hero banner image


Increase in sales


Increase in click throughs


Average rankings increase

The result

Our in-house digital marketing team implemented the plan with some amazing results from both Amazon SEO and Amazon Paid Advertising efforts.

Utilising Amazon SEO, we significantly improved La Montana’s organic ranking positions on Amazon for highly relevant keywords. This has led to more traffic from new potential customers and granting a greater scope for organic, scaleable growth into the future.

Furthermore, Paid Amazon Advertising campaigns streamlined and cut the costs of previous paid campaign efforts while also increasing the grade quality from new student applicants.

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