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No matter what your products are, we have the expertise and the resources to help you make your products visible, accessible, rank high in search results and dominate your competition.

Our tried and tested approach to ranking products higher on the Amazon Search Engine has been proven to work, so we would be delighted to discuss your product range to see how we can help you start to grow your sales on the platform.

#1 for product searches

Amazon has very recently traded places with Google as the preferred search engine for products, with 52% of people confessing that Amazon is now their first choice for product searches.

As competition for sales heat up, it is more important than ever that your products are found on Amazon’s platform.

Amazon analytics audit & consultancy

Every Amazon product optimisation campaign starts with:

• Account and listing audit

• Rank audit

• Listing errors

• Thorough analysis of products

• Category re-alignment

Using this data and competitor insight, our consultants are able to create you a tailored Amazon SEO Strategy which will help you to take full advantage of the world’s top ecommerce website.

Don’t hesitate to contact our team of outstanding SEO consultants in London.

Seller account setup

We can set up your Amazon seller account from scratch, or conduct an audit on your existing account.

Optimise your product listings

We run a thorough optimisation process on your product listings in order to increase conversion rates.

Watch your sales grow!

With ongoing monitoring of your products we will ensure that sales remain on the rise.

Keyword research for your products

As with any optimisation campaign, the keyword research phase of work defines the whole campaign. Our experts delve into the depths of Amazon and Google to mine for search information around all of your core products and categories.

The output of this research will form the structure of the monthly Amazon product optimisation and listing optimisation work we will undertake for you.

Competitor research

Understanding your direct competition, and how they are ranking, is imperative if we are to overtake them in the Amazon rankings. We will:

• Firmly grasp competitors’ product listing strategies

• Discover product gaps and opportunities

• Review competitors’ prices

• Identify best price for products

• Estimate total revenue

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    Product listings optimisation

    Once we have completed all the data and research on your products and listings, we get to work on optimising your Amazon product listings, ensuring that we tackle the products in an agreed priority order, taking into account the profitability of each product.


    Amazon listing optimisation services

    Every product listing we optimise on Amazon will cover:

    • Unique product descriptions optimized with keywords

    • Optimisation of title and bullet points

    • Crispy sales copy urging users to buy

    • Adding products to relevant categories

    • Image optimisation

    • Adding high-quality photos to listings

    • Adding a short video that describes the product

    • Content management

    Amazon PPC promotion

    Where required, there is also the option to run paid advertising on the Amazon platform. We can help you:

    • Create paid search ads on Amazon

    • Optimise paid search ads with relevant keywords

    • Build links to products

    • Vendor power coupons

    • Create daily deals

    Amazon SEO services for European countries

    We are experienced in optimising Amazon webstores in the following countries:

    Get in touch with us today if you would like help with an international or multi-lingual Amazon SEO campaign, as well as website design for ecommerce.

    What now?

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    Some of the brands we’ve worked with

    Testimonial image for SEO Amazon

    We worked very closely with MintTwist to optimise both our Amazon Account and the Product Listings. The results have been fantastic.

    Jonathan Hall

    Managing Director at La Montana

    Amazon Optimisation FAQs

    What parts of an Amazon Product Listing can be optimised?

    You can optimise the following elements on your Amazon Product Listing:

    • Product title

    • Product features

    • Product images

    • Product description

    • Product features

    • Search terms