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Project summary

Cute Nutrition are a team of personal trainers, nutritionists & fitness lovers that are aiming to educate women about the benefits of an active lifestyle and healthy eating.

To create a data-centric Facebook advertising strategy that would create a sales and marketing funnel for the business – driving educated consumer enquiries which would turn into sales.

The objective

To work with Cute Nutrition’s marketing team to effectively position the brand as an aspirational health brand that motivates woman to be body confident, and to ultimately drive traffic and increase sales.

Case study image for Cute Nutrition PPC

The challenge

The nutrition market is a highly competitive market and messaging for nutritional brands are regulated quite strictly on social media.

The challenge was to come up with a compelling message that was appropriate, resonated with the audience and drove sales.

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The work MintTwist completed for the brand increased sales far beyond my expectations.

Tom Wallace

Owner of Cute Nutrition

The strategy

A Facebook campaign was created with detailed targeting based on audience insights and data from analytics.

We developed key customer profiles using audience insights and produced a campaign called ‘Get Cute’ which tapped in to the aspirational focus for the brand. This was a way in which Cute Nutrition’s target audience could buy in to the ‘fit’, ‘healthy’ and ‘beautiful’ core messages, with a twist on the Cute Nutrition name.

The message used frames to motivate people into visiting the website and browsing the products.

The “Get Cute” campaign launched across Facebook and Instagram.

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Increase in Facebook link clicks


Increase in purchases


Increase in traffic to the Cute Nutrition website

And so…

The Facebook campaign was highly successful, increasing the recognition of the brand within the women’s nutrition market. This led to an overall significant increase in traffic on the Cute Nutrition site as well as an increase in sales of products.

If you are interested in the client, please check out Cute Nutrition’s site below:

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