The challenge

Allurion serves the global market, with networks across the world, however Allurion wanted to grow the Arabic side of their website – organically in the Middle East.

There are a few dialects of the Arabic language, and different regions each have their slight difference in vocabulary which makes it challenging when you aim to target the Middle East.

From an organic perspective, we’d want to look at all the variations to see which one has the highest demand/search volume and then base our content on that one – that is what we did. We also targeted location specific search terms, using unique landing pages, and did not disregard those terms.

Our solution

Language specific SEO strategy and plan

As with most of our SEO projects, it is crucial that a comprehensive strategy and plan are formed before starting any monthly SEO management and tasks. However, what was different about this project was that the strategy was Arabic language centred. The research and set-up had to suit the market that we aimed to target.

Initial set-up work for the Allurion Arabic website included:

SEO tech audit

Ensuring the site is practical for both search engine’s and users’ eyes.

Arabic keyword research

Explore important keyword opportunities to help drive meaningful traffic.

Arabic Content strategy

Making sure content is produced with best practices in mind and filling content gaps.

Backlink analysis

Thorough backlink analysis status of the root and sub-domain ( &, taking into account both toxic links and link opportunities.

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The metrics speak for themselves - I’m really pleased in how our rankings for our core keywords have increased over the past six months.

Natalie King

Digital Marketing Manager

The results

We have managed to push most of the main keywords to page one in a short space of three months and we continue to see growth on a monthly basis.

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Increase in impressions


Growth in new users


Higher Conversion rate YoY

Through our thorough SEO management, in just two months we have managed to achieve incredible results for Allurion and we hope to continue the growth in the Arabic regions. Each month we are targeting new keywords and the plan is to expand the keyword landscape whilst pushing high traffic keywords to the top of search engines.

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