We've completed a number of different projects for Nextbase

Nextbase approached MintTwist to help grow organic search traffic the UK, US and German markets

We worked closely with Nextbase to stabalise a downward trend in organic traffic and to create a plan to dominate the rankings for their core converting keywords.

The dash cam industry search results pages are highly competitive in the UK, with top positions being dominated by large UK retail stores, such as Argos, Currys and Amazon, as well as other automotive related websites, such as AutoExpress and RAC.

Our primary project objective as an SEO agency, was to overthrow these powerful competitors from their top positions for primary “dashcam” phrases and, in turn, capture a large proportion of organic search traffic.

Robust SEO strategy and plan

It’s crucial that we understood the competitive landscape, before we devised a robust SEO strategy for our monthly SEO activities.

Firstly, we set about interrogating the core competitors to Nextbase, so that we understood what they have been doing in the SEO space and how difficult the challenge of overthrowing them would be.

Once we had a clear picture of how much effort would be involved, as well as collecting some useful tips as to how Google sees the sector, we then set about the other core components of our audit process.


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SEO tech audit

Making sure the site is up-to-speed in both Google’s and users’ eyes
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Keyword research

Discovering important keyword opportunities to help drive meaningful traffic
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Content strategy

Ensuring content is produced with best practices in mind and filling content gaps
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Backlink analysis

Analysis of the off-site status of the domain, taking into account both toxic links and link opportunities

Our plan of action

The audit revealed some interesting data

There were a fair number of technical issues that needed addressing.  These were both coding related

We saw that the website was cannibalising its own content, so we undertook a content review and recommended the merge of certain pages.

It became clear that there was an untapped set of complimentary keywords that were highly relevant and indicated a high intent to purchase.  We quickly built out a content roadmap to take advantage of these keywords and phrases.

There was a large opportunity to try and dominate the FAQ landscape for ‘dashcams’, so this was added to the content roadmap for monthly development.

Backlink development was required to lower level pages on the domain – our money pages.  We set about a program of outreach to drive many more of these deep links.

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Surprisingly quick results

The power of the main Nextbase domain was such that our work had an almost immediate impact

In just 6 months we had achieved all the keyword ranking KPIs that we had set out at the beginning of the project.

The monthly development of our primary targeted keywords can be seen below.


Case study image for Nextbase SEO

International dominance

Once we had course corrected the UK website, we set about work on the US and DE domains.

A similar process was undertaken to uncover data on the the local competitors in the US and German SEO markets.

There was a lot of complimentary work that could be rolled out from the UK to the US, the German market looked to be a much tougher proposition.

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MintTwist are a great agency to work with. They have put together and executed a brilliant SEO strategy. We’ve seen impressive improvement of rankings for our core phrases since we started working with them.

Bryn Brooker

Head of Marketing

Huge success in organic search

In just 12 months, we have reversed a downward trend and begun to dominate 3 core international markets

Through our SEO services over the course of a six month period, we’ve been able to achieve some truly excellent rankings across the the US, the UK and Germany and, in turn, significantly increased the overall revenue generated through organic traffic to the domain.

Organic sales Year-on-Year were up over 400% thanks to the SEO work from our specialist team.

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