Helping you rank in Arabic

Whether you are looking for a digital partner to launch your company or an Arabic language SEO campaign to grow your business internationally, we are able to help. As a web design agency, we are also able to redesign and redevelopment your existing website, build you a mobile app or provide consultancy on all digital projects.

Our Arabic SEO service includes:

• On-page optimisation for target keywords

• Local Citation building

• Local social media promotion

• Arabic language content creation

• English language content creation

As part of our digital marketing service, we can also provide you with in-depth strategy and consultancy services to give you digital marketing insights in the Arabic speaking world.

A key aspect of ranking locally, is to understand local differences and work with local experts. That’s why we always consult with local experts when we create a strategy for you. Even though many languages, like Arabic, are spoken across several countries, knowing local differences can be significantly important. Even countries with a similar culture could fall into the trap of varieties of meaning.

SEO for the Middle East and North Africa

Did you know that there were over 290 million native speakers of Arabic in the world? It is widely spoken across the Middle East and North Africa and is the firth most popular language in the world. There are many different varieties including Classical Arabic which can be found in the Qur’an.

Countries we provide Arabic SEO Services for (number of Arabic speakers in brackets):

• The United Arab Emirates – UAE (3,6 million)

• Algeria (40 million)

• Saudi Arabia (27 million)

• Morocco (25 million)

• Yemen (14 million)

• Tunisia (10 million)

Arabic has a complex written form and calligraphy is still widely used throughout the region.

Multilingual team

We work with a multicultural team including Arabic SEO Executives and translators to support our multilingual projects.

Local SEO audit

We’ll assess your current SEO presence and identify areas of opportunity to improve your organic ranking and visibility.

Keyword research

Our SEO specialists will use comprehensive research to find the optimal keywords for your page relevant to your language and audience.

Digital marketing in Arabic

We can provide custom-made digital marketing services and strategies in Arabic (including support for spoken Arabic and written Arabic strategies).

We can support you in several areas of digital marketing including content marketing, paid for advertising, social media marketing and email marketing.

Furthermore, our design and development experts can provide you with a website design built specifically for Arabic speaking countries (including being read right to left).

Some facts about the Arabic language

• The Arabic language has eleven words for love.

• Some Arabic sounds are unique and don’t exist in any other language

• Many English words come from Arabic, including lemon, hazard, candy and more.

• Arabic has over 300 synonyms for the word “lion”, and over 100 for “camel”.

• Arabic has more words than latin languages.

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