Project overview

As a fast-growing, innovative business, Bare Conductive were looking for a technical partner who could help them grow their percentage of online sales through a much-improved ecommerce website.

MintTwist worked with Bare Conductive to strategise a roadmap of future activity for the enhancement of their WooCommerce website. The vision extends well into the future with the planned integration of other systems and further product expansions.

With a series of strategic updates to the website, MintTwist was able to deliver solid improvements to the bounce rate, increases in purchases and faster, easier user experience.

Building with WooCommerce

Our website development team are working closely with Bare Conductive to support their website and help to continually increase their rate of growth online.

After a strategic review of the existing website, we undertook a series of updates to the website, including redesigning key elements and building a series of back-end administration improvements in their WooCommerce system.

Supporting a complex ecommerce installation presents some challenges, so it was important to us that we split the work into a series of updates based on site sections, with the user experience and conversion being the highest priority with all updates.

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User experience

One of the key challenges of the site was repairing the high bounce rate and decreasing conversions.

We performed a full user experience audit, highlighting problems and opportunities in each section of the site with a view to increasing the rate of conversions. We worked collaboratively with our own marketing team, who also work with Bare Conductive to bring more traffic to the site.

Taking a big-picture approach to the full customer journey helped us to highlight many opportunities for change with the site, allowing us to hugely improve the conversion rate and make the site easier to use and more pleasant for visitors.

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We’ve finally found a partner that can help us optimize and improve every aspect of our digital strategy. We started with web development but quickly realized the real value is MintTwist’s ability to integrate all aspects of our online presence. They first analysed our needs, suggested a plan of action and now are in the full swing of improving our website UX, SEO and PPC campaigns. We’ve seen a dramatic improvement across all metrics.

Bibi Nelson

Managing Director
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Increase in pageviews


ROI increase


New users

And so…

We continue to work closely with Bare Conductive from both a marketing and website support point of view, building on top of what we’ve already done to continue looking for opportunities for improvement.

We’re so happy with the work we’ve done so far, and we’re excited to continue our work in helping such a wonderful business continue to grow.

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