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Designing websites for Charities for over 15 years.

Raising awareness and being easily accessible are two of the most important functions of a successful charity and designing and developing an excellent website is one of the most effective options.

MintTwist has the experience to design, build and market a good looking, informational website for your charity, including the technology to enable you to take donations online, helping you to take your organisation to new heights.

How we can help your cause

MintTwist offers a variety of web design, marketing and consulting services that your charity needs to build an effective online presence.

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We have worked with hundreds of different companies since our inception in 2002 and have abundant experience servicing different types of industries. The diversity of our work experience prepares MintTwist to be able to handle any problem for all different types of companies and organisations. We take great pride in our work and encourage you to look at our web design portfolio to see our team in action.

Our Work

  • Motor Sport Magazine

    Published since 1924, Motor Sport is a leading magazine for dedicated car and motorcycle sports fans.

  • Masterchef Arabia

    Masterchef Arabia

    The Masterchef TV series has been a hit around the world and launched in Saudi Arabia in February 2014.

  • Bents Garden and Home

    Bents is one of the leading North West garden centres and official holders of the UK’s Best Garden Centre Award 2009, 2010 and 2011.

  • Regent’s Place

    A community site for 20,000 workers and residents

Why your charity should invest in a stronger online presence

A website is an effective way for your charity to spread awareness for your cause, gather donations, provide updated information on the progress you have made and easily build a database of contributors. Your website will act as a digital ambassador for your cause by representing your charity on the web.

Arguably the biggest advantage of building a website for your charity is gaining the ability to accept donations electronically. This capability will make contributing to your organisation easier for potential donators and thus increasing the likelihood of these contributions being made.

Another positive that can come from your charity building a website is the ability to easily build a database of volunteers and contributors. It is important for a charity to keep track of individuals involved in helping their cause and to be able to efficiently contact these people. A website designed to do so will compile a database and store this information for your convenient access.

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Websites for charities

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