Grand Hyatt

Mobile technology at the forefront

The mission

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The app design

We started by mapping the user journeys for the two main audiences:

  • Guests—find information on food and drink, shops and leisure facilities that they will use during their stay
  • Expat community—the hotel acts as a social hub, particularly the Habana Sports Bar. They want to see the latest sports schedule and hotel events

We created a welcome screen with the high-level categories for the hotel’s main services, as well as additional features such as checking the weather, and accommodation rates and availability. The sports bar’s schedule is directly accessible from this screen. The app reflects the company brand by using elements from the existing website, creating a seamless experience from online to app.

Users can also access Grand Hyatt Muscat’s social media connections, email and phone number through the app so they can contact the hotel quickly and easily.

Updating platforms

We built a bespoke CMS for the app so Grand Hyatt Muscat could keep both updated with the latest information. When adding information, administrators have the option of updating their Facebook page, the app or both at the same time reducing the need to enter the same information twice for both platforms. The CMS allows the hotel to push messages about news, events and offers through the app.