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Visit Essex's PPC Results

The campaign surpassed expectations across all channels, achieving positive outcomes and exceeding initial projections.

6.6 million






Executing a bespoke campaign strategy

Utilising a marketing funnel method with three stages of the campaign: awareness, consideration, and conversion

Our Paid Media team were asked to execute a bespoke campaign strategy that would motivate potential visitors to come to Essex. Additionally, Visit Essex wanted to increase footfall and ensure that the campaign reached millions of individuals with a healthy CTR. 

Upon development of the strategy, we decided to utilise a marketing funnel method to create the strategy. This involved three stages of the campaign: awareness, consideration, and conversion. 

Reaching the target audience

Allocating specific channels for each audience to get optimal results

Audience selection – Visit Essex wanted to target a varied audience ranging from ages 21 to 50+. Therefore, the audience was split into three sections: young professionals (aged 21-35), families (aged 30-45), and empty nesters (aged 50+). 

 Channel selection – To appropriately target each audience group, we allocated specific channels for each audience. These channels included YouTube, StackAdapt, TikTok, Twitter, Facebook/Instagram, Pinterest, and Google Performance Max.  

Targeting- To ensure that we reached the audience at each stage of the marketing funnel, we targeted individuals who had an interest in UK travel, holidays, road trips and staycations through their browsing content and search term intent on Google. Additionally, we targeted individuals through interests and keyword targeting. Lastly, used remarketing to reach people who had already visited the landing page from the awareness campaign. 

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Attracting relevant traffic with campaign optimisations

To further improve the campaign’s performance, ad copy amendments were made based on the top performing and low performing copy for each audience. We also carried out frequent asset performance reviews and worked closely with a Pinterest representative to create strong creatives which helped to increase the CTR 

The results

We are thrilled with the results of this campaign as it surpassed expectations by exceeding initial projections, for example:

  • The impressions goal was exceeded by 246.66% 
  • Clicks were exceeded by 522%  
  • CTR was exceeded by 64% 

 These outcomes are reflected in our results: 

  • 6.6 million impressions 
  • 54,000 clicks 
  • CTR of 0.82%  
  • 911 conversions 

Conversions included actions such as adding to the planner, book now clicks, file downloads, outbound website clicks, search results, and view phone.  

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