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St Mungos PPC Results

The campaign was extremely successful with an ROI of 111% for St Mungo’s, measured through direct conversions.

8.9 million

Ad impressions


Website visitors


ROI from both indirect (assisted) and direct conversions

Winter donations paid media campaign

Helping to drive and increase in donations

We were brought in to help St Mungo’s execute a multi-channel winter paid media campaign, designed to create awareness about the homeless situation in the UK and to help increase and promote donations during the 3-month Winter period.

Getting ultra-precise with layered targeting

The goal was to make the campaigns as effective and efficient as possible based on our agreed objectives.

Research and planning – Our findings showed that there was a correlation between cold weather and consumers’ willingness to donate. We also found that the use of animals in ad creative is an effective method of improving campaign performance.

Channel selection – Meta (Facebook & Instagram) and Twitter were chosen as the channels thought most effective in reaching our audience and driving conversions. Google Discovery & YouTube were also used as they deliver a relatively low CPM and are able to reach users based on their previous search intent. Lastly, a Weather API was also utilised on social ads to deliver specific creative messaging matching the current weather conditions.

Audience selection – St Mungo’s wanted to target a younger audience (25 to 34) as well as their core audience (35 to 54). The audience was also targeted by interest, for example interests in charity, homelessness, animals & donation. Upcoming birthdays on Facebook were targeted so we could utilise the growing trend of people are raising money for specific charities on their birthdays through Facebook. The majority of the budget was spent on targeting females as research shows they are more likely to donate than men.

Media planning – We adjusted budgets based on the specific month, and the day in the month; St Mungo’s research showed the closer we get to Christmas the more likely people become to donate to a charity. This led us to upweight pacing each day from October to December.

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Reaching the target audience

We developed a detailed media plan that made use of a variety of platforms in order to reach our target audiences.

Media spend was split between Facebook, Instagram, Twitter (X), YouTube, Google Discovery, Google & Bing search, displays ads and weather ads.

Working with St Mungo’s collaboratively, we split the budget by using 40% before Black Friday and then 60% afterwards.

We used detailed targeting to reach the target audience with our heartfelt creatives that shared the lessons of people who have lived and worked through homelessness.

The results

The campaign was extremely successful with an ROI of 111% for St Mungo’s, measured through direct conversions.

We are delighted with the performance of the Google PPC campaigns, which resulted in:

  • 8.9 million ad impressions
  • 32,800 website visitors
  • 300% ROI from both indirect (assisted) and direct conversions

We continue to build on the success of this campaign and are working on further paid online and offline campaigns for St Mungos.

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