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St Gobain's PPC Results

9.3 million

Impressions in 2022


Increase in clicks in 2022 from 2021


Increase in leads in 2022 from 2021

A right combination of brand awareness and lead generation

Raising awareness of not only the brand but also it's key products to amplify results

MintTwist’s paid media services have been working with Saint Gobain since 2020 and were tasked with increasing leads through an always-on strategy. The primary goal was to enhance lead generation by encouraging prospective clients to utilize on-site forms such as ‘Contact Us’ to connect with Saint Gobain. Additionally, Saint Gobain wanted to establish brand awareness within the engineering space. 

Research and planning – Prior to the campaign setup, we found an issue with low search volumes for Saint Gobain’s key products. However, to overcome this, we proposed the idea of product specific campaigns to coincide with the always-on awareness campaigns. 

Hitting the right target audience

A combination of location, interest and demographic targeting ensured that we reached the right people at the right time

Channel selection- To help achieve both objectives, a combination of appropriate channels for brand awareness and conversions was used across paid media platforms. These channels included Google & Bing Search, StackAdapt, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Performance Max. 

 Audience selection – As Saint Gobain’s products are for a very specific audience group, we realised that highly specific and custom targeting was crucial for reaching the audience. Therefore, we used detailed targeting by location, interest, and demographics. Our target audience, broadly, is engineers across multiple industries. However, we were specifically targeting engineers with around 3 – 12+ years of experience and specific job titles, e.g. “mechanical design engineer” or “process engineer”. 


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A strong focus on optimizing the campaigns

This helped us attract relevant traffic

Budget allocation – We decided to allocate more of the budget towards Google Search as this had proven to be successful in driving leads. Additionally, after introducing a Performance Max campaign, it became the 2nd best-performing channel, which led us to set aside some of the budget as it was effective in achieving both goals simultaneously. 

 Media planning – We utilised search advertising on both Google and Bing to target highly relevant keywords such as “tolerance rings” and “composite bearings”. By carrying out frequent search term reports, we were able to optimise the budget by ensuring that we were spending on relevant terms and consequently attracting relevant traffic. We also collaborated with Saint Gobain to produce strong messaging that would speak to the target audience. 

Location targeting – After the campaigns went live, we noticed that India was driving the majority of clicks to the website but was not driving quality conversions, therefore, we decided to split this country into its own campaign to keep a cap on the budget.

The results

We are extremely pleased with the performance of the awareness and conversion campaigns, which resulted in:

  • 9.3 million – impressions in 2022 
  • 69% increase in clicks in 2022 from 2021
  • 21% increase in leads in 2022 from 2021 

 Building on the success of this campaign, we continue to develop more paid online content for Saint Gobain. 

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