The challenge

The primary focus of this SEO campaign was to improve the organic search rankings for the German language version of Reell's large multilingual website.

The objective of this project was to set up, launch and manage a German SEO campaign for Reell.

The focus was to improve the ranking positions for core business phrases from the German search market in Europe, in order to drive more visitors to the site and to drive more enquiries and conversions.

Originally planned to be run as a 6-month project, and due to fantastic improvements in both rankings and organic traffic, our working relationship with Reell has morphed into an ongoing SEO project with the central European marketing team.

Plans are now afoot for a wider multilingual SEO project.

Our solution

The SEO team have done a market-specific analysis and German localisation of keywords and identified keyword opportunities.

These findings were then used for on-page content optimisations and for the backlink strategy.

These optimisations help Google better understand what the pages are about and can improve the ranking for the priority keywords.

Case study image for Reell SEO

What we did

A focus on backlink acquisition

The main focus of the SEO strategy was to expand the number of relevant backlinks to the site both externally and internally. By using the priority keywords as anchor texts, improvements in rankings occurred.

On-page optimisations so content was more targeted

Moreover, the SEO team provided metadata, header and on-page content optimisations for a number of pages along with schema and internal linking recommendations.

Translating content to help target the German audience

The German site also needed expansion in terms of the number of pages, hence a number of pages have been translated from the English site into German and published on the site. Re-creating these pages on the German site allowed Reell to rank for a wider range of keywords in the German search results.

Case study image for Reell SEO

The results

After 6 months, the 2 priority keywords that were used for the link-building strategy, and for on-page optimisations, managed to improve their ranking positions significantly.

At the beginning of the project the terms ranked on the 3rd and 4th page in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Page).

After 6 months, both terms started to appear in the top 5 positions – furthermore, the visibility of a number of other keywords improved by double and triple digits.


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