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Helping an evolving organization

Planet Watchers needed fresh thinking and a creative approach to their website

It was important to Planet Watchers that we evolve their website design look and feel into something that better reflects them as an organization. Not only does the technology they use evolve ever quickly, but their responsiveness and agility with this evolution is important to their clients, so we needed to make sure the needs of all users were met.

Woven into the details of the site is an ethos that journeys should be facilitated quickly and efficiently—this reflects the client-first approach taken by the team at Planet Watchers.

Our creative solution

Challenges presented and met using research and data

MintTwist understood that user habits and trends are ever evolving—along with the technology-rich sector in which Planet Watchers finds itself—and it was important to us that anything we design and build into the website enhances the experience of a prospect during the research process and beyond. The old WordPress website was restrictive and clunky, and didn’t respond well to the varied needs of its visitors.

It was vitally important that the distinct audiences for Planet Watchers were signposted to the content that would most engage them. We did this through careful restructuring of the website navigation, as well as improving the overall site map to reduce clutter and lower the hurdle for visitors to achieve their goals.

Users now find it much easier to quickly get what they want.

Case study image for Planet Watchers

A stellar mobile experience

Because of the nature of the audience and with the population ever on the move, mobile user experience was a top priority. It’s somewhat passé now to say that users are increasingly using the internet on their mobile devices, but time dedicated to ensuring a seamless mobile experience can increase the rate at which visitors convert online, by any means presented to them.

We knew that a high proportion of Planet Watchers’ audience were using the site on their phones, so every detail was considered for mobile and touch devices before desktop. The site is fully responsive and there are unique optimizations woven throughout for both mobile and desktop devices, ensuring the user experience is efficient, friendly and enjoyable from first hit to conversion.

Case study image for Planet Watchers
Case study image for Planet Watchers

A successful launch

Planet Watchers’ new site went live without any problems

The team is so proud of the work that went into Planet Watchers, and it’s great to see the hard work pay off with a functional new site.

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