We came on board to grow organic search traffic

PlanetWatchers approached us to help them grow their organic traffic to their brand new website.

PlanetWatchers tells the story of every field on the planet. Using Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) PlanetWatchers can accurately detect and map crop damage to farmer’s fields.

This data assists the crop insurance industry by more rapidly and accurately validating insurance claims.

Using our SEO services, we developed a strategy that sought to make use of existing content, as well as creating much more relevant content to better fit what users were searching for.

The SEO audit gave us plenty of food for thought

The technical report that came back showed that there was a lot of work to be done.

The initial audit discovered some crawlability issues and redirect chains, as well as issues around non-optimised metadata.

As part of the process, we took a deep dive into several of PlanetWatchers major competitors to better understand what they were doing, both good and bad, to identify any content gaps that PlanetWatchers were missing.  This allows us to devise a robust content plan to help close the gap.

Additionally, we comprehensively tested the website for speed and core web vitals to provide recommendations and implementation to get us on par with the competitors.

A major piece of the puzzle was to be found in the keyword research. We identified huge keyword opportunities in the data and settled on some core phrases we believed would drive high intent traffic to the service pages.

With an examination of the websites backlink profile, we were able to develop a robust SEO strategy and detailed roadmap of tasks to complete to help PlanetWatchers grow their organic traffic.

Case study image for Planet Watchers SEO

A glimpse into the high level SEO strategy

Our SEO strategies comprise dozens of points to address - we've pulled out a few of the key ones below

Technical issues
We started with a full audit of the site to identify any areas that required improvement.  Whilst we identified some technical issues to address, on the whole content on the PlanetWatchers website was of good quality.  However, the content was not targeting any keywords so there were still opportunities to push this content to perform better in the search results; the metadata was not properly optimised, the site was not using the appropriate structured data markup and the site was missing a proper internal linking strategy.

Page Speed and core web vitals
A good page speed is crucial to the performance of any website, so following our SEO audit we did some testing of the page speed performance and sent recommendations to their website development team to help increase the overall load time of the site.

Metadata and Schema markup
We optimised the metadata such as titles and H1s, making them more targeted to each page’s target keywords.  We then provided Schema templates for priority pages to help Google gain a quicker understanding of page’s relevancy for different topics.

Internal linking
There are almost not internal lining on the website.  The only way from here is up, so we created a detailed internal linking strategy which targeted priority keywords.

These SEO tasks came together to assist search engines in recognising specific pages, and helping to build relevancy and authority for the PlanetWatchers domain.

Case study image for Planet Watchers SEO

The results

It's early days yet, but we've already seen fantastic movement in the SERPs

We are excited to see how the PlanetWatchers website has been responding to the SEO plan that was put in place.

We have seen remarkable growth in the ranking performance of core keywords, with keywords very quickly moving up the SERPs to rank on Page 1.

Especially satisfying considering most keywords were not ranking at all at the start of the project.


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