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Now Loans

Now Loans are a no-fee finance broker who specialises in bad credit and no guarantor loans.

We designed and built the first website and launched an intensive ongoing SEO campaign to grow organic traffic.

Project summary

We were tasked with building a brand new website for an existing heavyweight in the lending marketplace.

The new design for the website needed to resonate with the target audience whilst having a very strong eye on user experience and conversions.

They also needed a simple, easy-to-manage content management system (CMS) to maintain the website.

We were also tasked to review the backlink profile and design an onging SEO strategy.


The main objective for Now Loans was to increase the traffic and number of enquiries.

After checking website analytics and understanding users behaviour, we focused our efforts to make the Now Loans website truly outstanding from a mobile perspective.

For this project the UX was key as well as the Conversion Rate Optimisation to help boost website conversions.

CMS integrations

All loan applications that were made through the website had to be funnelled out to an external system that would verify the applicants suitability and feed back to us an almost instantaneous answer.

We had to process the response and help the user to the next stage in their journey, be it further information, or directing them to other 3rd parties who might be better placed to help.

The website is fully responsive to give users the best possible experience on their phone, tablet or PC wherever they are. The mobile design allows users to quickly find what they need immediately and conveniently.

MinTwist has delivered an outstanding website re-design and our conversions are increasing month by month.
Dave SilvermanFounder

SEO research

Our SEO team performed the following tasks:

  • Keyword research and content gap analysis: we identified keyword drivers and long tail keywords to target. As a result, we created new landing pages with less competition and a blog calendar to target informational queries
  • Content strategy: we mapped out keywords to pages and created high-quality content using LSI keywords and entities to deliver the best search results.
  • On-site optimisation: using all the previous information, we reviewed all the metadata and made changes to let search engines know what the content is about.
  • Structured data: we implemented FAQPage schema markup to the FAQ page and some service pages to improve CTR.

Ongoing SEO work

Month by month we oversee the evolution of our rankings, clicks and impressions and rectify if we identify any drop in traffic. Some of our monthly SEO work includes:

  • Keyword research: we review new keyword trends to incorporate to the existing service landing pages or to create new ones.
  • Content creation: We publish 4 blog articles per month by reviewing questions people actually search on forum platforms like Quora or Reddit and include keywords with high search volume and LSI keywords.
  • Link building: our link acquisition team approach manually websites in the finance market and pitch content already researched and written by our finance copywriter. See below a few samples of some recent publications:

Keywords ranking on page 1


Increase in organic traffic quarter on quarter


Enquiry success rate


Backlink growth over time

The result

Once the new website went live, we started the SEO work in May 2019. By December 2019 the organic visibility increased by 170%, the organic traffic by 1,248% in comparison to the previous period and each month the traffic and conversions are increasing by 20%.

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