Optimising PPC

The paid media team at MintTwist have been worked with Fruugo in 2022 optimising their PPC campaigns across UK, Turkey, Germany and France markets.

Fruugo is a global online marketplace that connects businesses with millions of potential customers in over 40 countries. By selling on Fruugo, businesses can access a large customer base and increase its reach beyond its local market. Additionally, Fruugo provides a platform for businesses to showcase their products and leverage Fruugo’s marketing and advertising campaigns to attract new customers. The main benefit to businesses using Fruugo are their low fees. Fruugo charges a commission on each sale, but their fees are generally lower than other online marketplaces.

Our PPC agency in London was tasked with helping Fruugo improve the performance of their paid media activity in 4 key regions (United Kingdom, Turkey, France and Germany). While the campaigns were previously driving a healthy number of leads, the CPA was relatively expensive.

Our solution

Campaign Assessment

We started our work with Fruugo by assessing their existing campaigns, recognising that, while the account wasn’t performing as well as hoped, the insights it could give us into what does work, what doesn’t and potential areas for growth were valuable.

Campaign and ad group re-structure

We restructured existing paid search activity, creating segmented campaigns and ad groups while focusing on a range of high-intent keywords. A pool of ad copy supported this, ensuring ads targeted search terms within the tightly themed ad groups.

Developed a media plan for paid social

Working with the Fruugo team, a media plan was created on how we can support the new paid search activity on social channels such as LinkedIn. We also allocated a specific media budget to each location to ensure we could keep to CPA targets for each country.

Reviewed and updated conversion tracking in Google Tag Manager

Our Paid Media team also analysed the current conversion tracking set-up on Google Analytics and the media platforms (Google, LinkedIn etc.) and made the necessary changes within Google Tag Manager to rectify any issues found across each of the domains.

Case study image for Fruugo PPC

What we did

The goal was to make the campaigns as effective and efficient as possible based on our agreed objectives.

Our focus over the 5-month project was to bring down CPL’s while increasing the number of conversions. The Paid Media team made ongoing optimisations to the budget across the range of channels utilised to aid high performing campaigns. The team also recognised that native language ad copy attracted more conversions for a cheaper CPL, therefore created a split within the foreign market campaigns and adjusted budget to maximise conversions and to further decrease the CPL. We also worked closely with the Fruugo team to discuss how to effectively improve their nurture process for lead to seller.

Case study image for Fruugo PPC

The results

MintTwist managed to increase Cromwell's website visits by 93% and conversions by 63%

The results were as follows when comparing the 5-month period before vs during:

  • 100% increase in the number of leads on the site
  • Conversion rate increased by 147%
  • Cost per lead decreased by 59%
  • The % of leads from UK increased by 149% (most effective market for Fruugo)


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