A brand-focused site for this youth brand


Depop is a youth-orientated, global fashion resale marketplace, allowing members to buy and sell their previously-loved fashion items, vintage finds and style pieces.

The mission

Depop wanted to pay back their community by holding a series of awards in various categories.

They needed a bespoke website to engage their target audience to participate in the awards process and vote. They dubbed the awards Depop Disruptors and tasked MintTwist with conceptualizing, designing and building the system from scratch.

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  • Design and build a brand new site and voting system
  • Engage with the target audience to encourage them to get involved with the process
  • Plug seamlessly into Depop’s membership system to allow seamless voting
  • Members know and love the Depop brand, so we needed to ensure the site adheres to it
  • Make sure the site feels a native part of the app process, since we forecasted 80–90% of visitors would come from the app


We met regularly with the creative team at Depop to ensure we kept the visual language on point and on brand. MintTwist worked to a tight deadline to design and build the site, embracing rapid iteration on both the creative and technology side of the project.

This allowed us to try many things creatively and technically until we honed in on something that worked incredibly well and looked fantastic, all within the confines of the Depop brand.


The project

The Depop Disruptors site needed to feel and look like an extension of the primary way members interact with the brand, which is via the Depop app.

We eschewed the creative planning phase of a standard project and jumped straight into rapid prototyping. This helped us not only to meet a very tight deadline, but also to try new technologies and to experiment with the creative process, all the while with the Depop brand and app in mind.

The project consisted of three key phases: pre-launch, voting and winner announcement. Each stage was carefully timed for launch to ensure it hit the various timezones at optimum points. Each stage also presented different technical challenges we needed to deal with in realtime, including traffic management.

The result

We iterated towards the final product always with a view to achieving high engagement with Depop’s audience. On the morning of the global launch, the site racked up a huge number of unique visitors, and almost 10,000 of those voted.

The site, and the project as a whole, turned into a mega success for Depop and for us, with positive feedback from many Depop community members.