Masterchef Arabia case study

Masterchef Arabia

Cooking up a responsive website experience for Masterchef Arabia.

The mission

With the new TV due to launch in Saudi Arabia and the surrounding countries in 6 months time, we needed to create some digital assets to support the launch and engage the new audience once the show was on air.

For the new TV show, we were asked to create:

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Delicious website design

We took the existing Masterchef website designs by Turquoise Branding, which had been adapted for Arabic, and created a fully responsive website. Having a mobile-friendly website is critical in a region where phones are the main way of browsing the internet.

The website was developed with a bespoke CMS for Masterchef Arabia, which also pushed content to the iPhone and Android apps. The CMS allows Masterchef Arabia to keep the website and apps up-to-date with the latest news, contestant profiles, episode clips and recipes from the series.

The website is integrated with Masterchef Arabia’s Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest accounts to encourage sharing recipes and comments on the show.

The ‘app’etiser

The Masterchef Arabia app was created to maximise audience participation and keep the show front of mind between episodes. Versions for iPhone and Android have been created.

The app reminds you when episodes are on and allows users to save a calendar reminder. For each episode, the audience can vote for their favourite and “predict” who will be eliminated.

Users can also browse contestant details and recipes. They can create their own cook book by saving recipes to it, and save ingredients to a shopping list, making it easy for users to be their own home “Masterchefs”. Recipes can also be liked and shared.

The website CMS controls the app, allowing Masterchef Arabia to control all content from one place. It also reduces time and admin as content can be pushed to the website, app or both.

The website has been well received by audiences and is attracting thousands of hits every day. Our team at iOS app development London were very pleased with the results.

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