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Exceeding targets for longer-term relationships

During set up, Cromwell established their minimal organic social media goals of increasing 10% in following and engagement across channels (initially LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter) and set an ambitious goal of 20%. MintTwist surpassed both in a 12 months period, achieving just under 30% increases.

Our aims were to:

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Grow Following

Encourage new users to follow the Cromwell Hospital social accounts
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Increase Engagement

Optimise the content strategy to better resonate with the audience
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Save Team Time

Manage the bulk of social media work to free up internal marketing teams
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Clear Reporting

Communicate performance and recommendations clearly

Developing the content calendar

On a monthly basis, MintTwist would strategically plan out a topic list with recommended topics, channel distribution, creative direction and formatting, and copy direction for each social media post of the month. The team would work closely with Cromwell’s internal marketing and design teams to get the required assets.

After this, MintTwist’s social media team would write out accompanying copy and schedule into our social media management tool, where a final approval step from our client also takes place.

Transparent reporting

MintTwist social media team pride itself on being transparent when things aren't working as well as hoped to suggest strategy improvements continuously and drive results.

With a quick onboarding turnaround time, the social media team used a test-and-adapt approach to learn what works on Cromwell’s social media profiles and build learnings into the following month’s content plan. Quickly we started seeing strong results from organic social content. However, in the initial months, boosting wasn’t providing optimal amplification.

MintTwist addressed this with the suggestion of a new process for boosting execution, allowing the team more freedom to boost content reactively and pause ads based on whether it was over or underperforming. Once Cromwell agreed to the new structure, boosted content results almost doubled in the following month and has continued to perform strongly ever since.

Our results from 16 months together:

*’Total’ indicates combined metrics across LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. LinkedIn is Cromwell Hospital’s priority channel.

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Total followers


Total monthly engagement


LinkedIn followers

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