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Building brand awareness

The paid media team at MintTwist have been working with Cromwell since 2022, supporting the hospital on multiple awareness and direct response campaigns.

We were tasked with helping Cromwell to increase brand awareness after a rebrand in 2021 and to increase the number of direct patients as well as referrers with the hospital. Cromwell Hospital also wished to increase patient numbers for specific services such as bariatrics and musculoskeletal (MSK).

Cromwell Hospital prides itself on its reputation as an international centre of excellence, delivering world class medical treatment to both adult and children patients. They are dedicated to making their patients’ experiences as comfortable and stress-free as possible and strive to be the preferred choice for those seeking the finest in medical care.

What we did

The goal was to make the campaigns as effective and efficient as possible based on our agreed objectives.

Research and Planning

We started our work with Cromwell by assessing their existing campaigns, recognising that, while the account wasn’t performing as well as hoped, the insights it could give us into what does work, what doesn’t and any potential areas for growth were valuable.

Re-structured the campaigns

We restructured existing paid search activity, creating segmented campaigns and ad groups while focusing on a range of high-intent keywords. A pool of ad copy supported this, ensuring ads targeted search terms within the tightly themed ad groups.

Developed a media plan to incorporate social channels

Working with the Cromwell team, a media plan was created on how we could support the new paid search activity on social channels such as Meta, LinkedIn and Youtube.

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Updated conversion tracking

Our Paid Media team also analysed the current conversion tracking setup on Google Analytics and the media platforms (Meta, LinkedIn etc) and made the necessary changes within Google Tag Manager to rectify any issues found.

We reviewed data throughout the project

Our focus throughout the year was to utilise the data gathered by our new campaigns to make impactful changes to the channel budget splits, demographic, audience, and location-based bidding. Not to mention we also tested some additional channels during key periods such as Bing and programmatic display.

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Web visits


Unique users


Increase in sales

Our results: a success!

MintTwist managed to increase Cromwell's website visits by 93% and conversions by 63%

Using our learnings from 2022, the team at MintTwist are hoping to exceed last year’s results in 2023!

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