Campaign objectives

Annabel Karmel offers a range of popular food products designed with toddlers and babies in mind. Started by Annabel Karmel, herself, it is sold in-store and online at leading UK supermarkets including Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Ocado and Whole Foods.

As part of a baby’s food journey, Annabel Karmel recognised the need to create a weaning course that was easy to use and contained all the important information to help mothers with their baby weaning journey. As such they launched their Digital Weaning Course. Since this was a new product launch, they needed to generate awareness to drive sales.

Our objective was therefore to promote their Digital Weaning Course using Google Search Ads, generate brand awareness, and ultimately drive sales.

Our strategy

Keyword research and ad copy creation

The first step of this project involved writing the ads and conducting keyword research. This consisted of:

  • Keyword research: This was a crucial step and helped identify all the relevant keywords Annabel Karmel should be bidding on and their monthly search volume. Once we had a full list, we were then able to group the keywords semantically into ad groups and base our ad copy on.

  • Ad copy creation: The team then wrote engaging and relevant ad copy using relevant keywords from the keyword research, while highlighting key USPs of the Digital Weaning Course. The ad copy for the ads was based on the keyword research conducted at the start of the campaign.

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MintTwist were fantastic in helping us transition away from our previous agency, and then working with us to take the website forwards in leaps and bounds.

Annabel Karmel

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