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How to Contribute to MintTwist

For the most part, we invite people to contribute to MintTwist. That said, there are two other ways to get your foot in the door.

MintTwist accepts contributions and guest posts from SEO professionals, search marketers, and digital marketers. There are two ways to contribute to MintTwist:

Posts Must Be 100% Original to MintTwist

Any columns accepted for publication must be exclusive to MintTwist.

Posts must be 100 percent original. This means:

What to Write About

You are welcome to draw from your own experiences to come up with your own ideas and topics.

Always try to go beyond the basics/obvious.

The most successful articles tend to be:

Always provide actionable tips and practical advice.

Share your own experiences. Don’t rely heavily on quoting influencers, experts, or authorities from other sites.

Be the expert!

Posts Must Be Pitch Free

You aren’t writing to sell a product or recommend a particular product or service.

You’re writing to share your expertise, information,  insights, and ideas with our audience.

If you write about an experience involving a client or business partner, you must disclose the relationship in the article.

Post Length

How long should your post be?

The best posts are clear, concise and only as long as they need to be. After all, our readers are busy. Tell them what they need to know and get out.


Try to be concise.

Always try to keep your paragraphs short.

One sentence is fine.

Two sentences is typically OK. But no more than this. Please.

Short paragraphs are easier to understand and digest, help drive your point across, and encourage reading in this age of information overload and short attention spans.

SEO Best Practices

Let’s practice what we preach, folks.


Your headline should be interesting enough to entice people to click on it. It should be optimized for search and social media.


In-Article Links

Links to third-party authoritative sources tell the reader that you are incorporating third-party perspectives and evidence in support of your argument. Otherwise, all you’ve got is a theory without substantiation.

We only accept contextual links to relevant content. Hyperlinks to service pages with exact anchor text are not accepted as it goes against Google Guidelines.


PNGs or animated GIFs only, please.

Featured Image

We will choose an appropriate main image for your article.

In-Post Images

Editorial Review and Corrections