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What is Amazon EBC and how to effectively use it to increase traffic on your product pages

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Standing out is difficult in a world with billions of websites and more digital competitors than you can count. This applies whether you are trying to make it big with your own ecommerce platform, or if you’re trying to compete on an online marketplace. Unlike with your own website, however, listings on marketplaces can even out the playing field.

As a business, you need to do all you can to provide a unique experience that engages your customers, and if you sell on Amazon, then the best way to do that is with Amazon Enhanced Brand Content.

What is Amazon Enhanced Brand Content?

Amazon Enhanced Brand Content, or Amazon EBC, is a free service available to any Amazon store that meets the requirements, it’s an alternative to the Amazon A+. It is a very popular service, and a great way to differentiate your brand and your product from that of your competition, optimise your content and gain traffic. Instead of just allowing for the few photos and the text description, you can add an infographic that outlines the benefits, features, and uses of your product in a beautiful and engaging format.

This is done by adding visually rich content and enhanced images. Your goal is to tell a story through imagery, text design, and formatting. As a bonus, you can also add a video to the gallery, which regular listings are not permitted to do.

EBC listings also benefit from the early reviewer program, which selects buyers and then offers an incentive to review a product they recently purchased. Considering only about 1% of buyers review, this can boost listing power of new products substantially.

How do you offer Amazon EBC listings?

Though it is free and easy to set up on your Amazon store page, there are a few restrictions. First off, you will need your products trademarked (if applicable) and then you will need to register your products with the Amazon Brand Registry. This will also deter competitors from reselling your products on Amazon.

What are the benefits of Amazon EBC listings?

  1. Reduces Bounce Rate
  2. Assures Customers
  3. Increases ROI on PPC Marketing
  4. Reduces Product Returns and Negative Reviews
  5. Allows Listings to Include a Video

The top 5 Amazon Enhanced Brand Content listings to take inspiration from

Creating visually engaging and helpful enriched images is key to successfully create an Amazon listing that stands out, which is why we have compiled a list of the top 5 EBC listings for you to take inspiration from for your own brand.

1.     WHOOSH     

WHOOSH infographics

WHOOSH is a tech brand aiming to stand out, and after they created their EBC listing they saw a huge jump in detail page conversion rate. This jump? 427% – that’s a staggering increase. Their EBC listing is a great example of the power of Amazon Enhanced Brand Content Listings, and how great design and smart advertising have an effect in boosting engagement and sales.

WHOOSH offers screen protectors, and standing out in this market meant that they need to appear more effective than their competitors. With smart infographics, they were then able to convey their product, its uses, its strengths, how to use it, and why it’s the best option available.

2.     Bioganix 

Bioganix infographic

The multivitamin market is huge, and standing out from amongst the competition is a challenge that even the biggest brands will have a difficulty with. With Amazon Enhanced Brand Content, you can go beyond the product and convey the benefits through rich imagery and great design, like how Bioganix has done with their products. After investing in Amazon listing optimisation, they were able to see a 170% increase in engagement in less than 30 days.

This is because the infographic easily breaks down the benefits in a clear, engaging way through the use of icons and images.

3.     Verilux

Verilux is an example of how even old and established brands can boost their engagement on Amazon by optimising their EBC listings. They create daylight lamps, and have trademarked HappyLight. Their infographic used on the EBC listing breaks down what that means, its benefits, uses, and features. It even outlines why you should pick that particular model.

Due to this optimisation, Verilux saw an 17% increase in conversion rate, and is a great example of how you can make each listing unique to the product in question.

4.     Touchstone

Touchstone is a familiar name in the electric fireplace market, but selling on Amazon will still mean dealing with its text-first listing, unless you use Enhanced Brand Content. By optimising their listing for EBC features, they were able to see a 32% increase in engagement in less than 30 days.

Their EBC listing goes through the benefits and types, like two heat options and hassle free installation. Going beyond just the product and into ease of use or installation, can help sway a customer into buying your product over a competitor’s one.

5.     Joanna Vargas

Joanna Vargas Amazon content

Joanna Vargas is a beauty brand, and it made a very smart decision to use its EBC listing to mimic a beauty or fashion magazine. The professional formatting of its enriched image content is both beautiful and sophisticated, and makes one feel like they are seeing their products in your favourite style magazine. The theme conveys freshness and beauty, and that is how you can use text and text boxes to sell your product.

What to remember when creating your own Amazon Enhanced Brand Content

When you are looking to create your own EBC listing, it is important to remember the feeling you want your customers to experience. Tech brands should feel modern and sleek, beauty brands can take inspiration from style magazines, and so on. Look to traditional print media and advertising for hints on how you can provide an informative, beautiful listing that sells visually as much as it does through words. 

When creating your listing, it is also important to tweak the words so that you can say the most in the least amount of words, all while being as clear as possible. For your EBC listing to be effective it needs to be instantly understandable.

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