It's in the data

People love facts, figures and statistics – so give them what they crave!

Easily scanned

90% of of the information that comes to the brain is visual

Viral nature

The capacity for them to be shared on social networks and become viral is much higher than ordinary text content

Infographic research, design & marketing services

If created correctly they can breathe new life and personality into your company in a way that other forms of content marketing simply cannot.

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    MintTwist ♥ infographics!

    At MintTwist we have a team of in-house infographic design specialists that can help you from inception to launch and marketing thereafter. We have helped design infographics for many clients and seen them get fantastic engagement and feedback.

    Beautifully designed

    Designed within company branding

    Research and data collection service provided

    Content marketing campaigns to increase brand awareness

    Epic infographics for your content marketing

    An infographic combines graphics, statistics and text about a certain subject and turns it into an image. This makes it more enjoyable to read since the information is presented in a creative way, and makes it easier for your audience to understand the story or the message you are delivering.

    It sounds simple, but a good infographic requires the right amount of planning and design. Detailed research and editing must be done to ensure the correct message is conveyed and to encourage more people to share it online.

    We work closely with you to develop your concept and research the data, which we then give a custom design. We can tailor your infographic to meet the specific needs of your business and budget.

    Testimonial image for Infographic design

    Thanks for all the great work MintTwist!

    Tracey Swanson

    Director Global Campaigns at Veeam