Throwback Thursday

This week, some of our MintTwist staff  from our digital marketing agency London team agreed to participate in a mini-project in the lead up to next Thursday's blog, the theme: Throwback Thursday. Along with sending in a baby-picutre, each member also agreed to throw in one fun fact about themselves, just to put a fun spin on things. To kick off the week long affair, each day on our Facebook and Twitter platforms, we will be publish one of our staff members baby pictures for all to see. We won't be revealing any names though, so it's up to you to guess who's who. These are the members who will be showcased in all their baby glory.

The MintTwist Marketing Team

Colin Cheng Colin is the Marketing Manager at MintTwist. He takes the lead on all marketing projects and on supporting the rest of the team with their work. He has a passion for all things SEO and loves content creation, blogging, social media and PPC. He grew up in Islington, speaks English and Geek (no, that's not a typo). His three favourite films are Nighty Night, Lady Vengeance and Girl, Interrupted. Jai Whiting Jai is our Digital Director. He oversees the marketing and production departments, making sure as a team we are meeting our goals and delivering against objetives for our cloents. He grew up in Suffolk and he speaks marketing, digital and geek with ease. His favourite programmes include The Walking Dead, America's Next Top Model and Sewing Bee. Julia Deutsch Julia is the Senior Digital Marketing Executive at MintTwist. Among other things, she creates digital campaigns for our clients and then promotes them. She was born in Los Angeles, but moved to London when she was two. She speaks English and conversational Spanish. Her favourite things to watch are House of Cards, The Walking Dead and, of course, Lord of the Rings. Emily Robertson Hello! I am the Digital Marketing Intern here at MintTwist. My job is to learn as much as I can before the term is up. I grew up in Los Angeles and am currently a study abroad student here in London. I speak English and Sarcasm fluently and am trying to improve my Spanish, although my progress is pretty slow. My favourite films are Catch Me if you Can, Finding Neverland and the entire Dark Knight Trilogy.

The MintTwist Commercial Team

Lydia Gray Lydia is the Business Manager of our Commercial Team at MintTwist. Among several important tasks, her most pressing is to find us new clients and come up with innovative ways to meet their needs. She grew up in Bedfordshire. She speaks English and her own versions of French and German (IE. English with quite particular accents, with the occasional French and German word thrown in for good measure.) Lydia is currently captivated by Orange is the New Black and her favourite films of all time are The Butterfly Effect and Drive. Elliot King Elliott is MintTwist's Managing Director. He is responsible for delivering valuable and effecting online marketing campaigns and digital services to international clients, including various European countries and the Middle East. He grew up in North London, Leeds, Denmar, USA, Switzerland, Netherlands AND Spain. His favourite films include Memento, Blade Runner and Seven. 

The MintTwist Creative Team

Tina Pedersen Tina is a Web Designer in London. She's our go-to-lady for making our clients digital platforms pretty and user friendly. She grew up in Skjern in Western Denmark and can speak Danish and English fluently. Her favourite programmes and films include Game of Thrones, Lord of the Rings and The Big Bang Theory, to name a few. Danny Ball Danny is Project Manager. He keeps the Creative Team's projects on track, on budget and to the highest standard in order to ensure that our clients and our team are mutually happy. He grew up in a small town in the Midlands called Castle Donington, although to rockers and bikers it is known more affectionately as, "The Village of the Damned." Danny speaks English with a Midlands accent. His favourite films and programmes include Withnail & I, A Clockwork Orange and Twin Peaks.

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And that wraps up our participants, keep an eye out for our tweets and posts on Twitter and Facebook all this week - we want to hear your best guesses! Also, remember our big reveal will be posted on our blog next #ThrowbackThursday. And give us a ring if you want to know more about web design services London. Cheers!

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