To outsource or not to outsource?

Within the broad context of the annual review cycle, MintTwist re-evaluates the merits of outsourcing project work just as one would with every other business decision. It is important to recognise outsourcing as a strategic business tool, but to also determine the specific benefits that externally sourced work brings to the company. It is wise for all companies to recognise the benefits of outsourcing for the continued progress of their business. For the web design company, self-contained projects are easy to outsource and reap numerous benefits. This type of organisation can help managers to set priorities more clearly and focus on core projects, which thus improves productivity. Outsourcing converts fixed costs into variable costs and therefore releases capital for investment elsewhere in the business. In this way it is possible to avoid large expenditures. Inevitably, labour costs are reduced. Hiring and training staff for short-term projects can be expensive while using temporary workers is often ineffective. Therefore, with specific projects outsourced, human resources can be focused where most needed within the business. The use of outsourced agencies enables new projects to begin quickly, without the need to commit weeks or even months for preparation and setting up. Companies see an increase in productivity and gain access to a broad range of services which place businesses on a level playing field with other, possibly larger, companies. Conversely, there are costs associated with outsourcing project work that impact on more than just financial growth. The greater number of outsourced projects, the more potential for communication difficulties between the outsource provider, the company and the client. More specifically, the field of website design necessitates ongoing dialogue with the client in order to meet expectations whilst achieving maximum results. It is far easier to manage the client relationship and achieve consistent service levels without the introduction of a third party. It is always prudent to keep in mind that, while functions can be outsourced with each project, accountability cannot. Web design companies, such as MintTwist, deal with sensitive data for each client that must be managed carefully.  While it is possible to identify and outsource provider’s portfolio of work, it is more difficult to assess its ethical conduct and personnel practices. Such issues can be easily managed internally within the ethos of the organisation and under direct managerial control. With a long-term perspective it can be an excellent decision to invest in training for staff in order to achieve a consistency in output for the company. Whether it be skills related to website design, sales, marketing or SEO, London web design companies require employees to have the current knowledge base and associated skill set to contend with the competitive market. The ongoing use of outsourcing does not allow for the development of high level functioning internally. With competitively high service levels and excellent client relationships, MintTwist determines that the costs of outsourcing project work outweigh the benefits for the company. Outsourcing introduces an unknown quantity for the web design company, where projects are in fact better managed in-house.

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