Google Places for Business gets a makeover

Google Places for Business gets a makeover

Overall, the design brings the dashboard much more in line with Google’s other properties.  It features a large amount of white space and simple icons.
A simpler layout, overall

But what does this mean for you?

Firstly, Google has said that changes through this dashboard should be implemented faster than the older dashboard. Google has said that it’ll now only take 48 hours for changes to go live in Google Maps and its other tools. The new Google Places dashboard is also better integrated with Google’s other properties – most notably Google+.  If you have a local Google+ page, you will be able to access it from this dashboard as well, rather than having to continually switch out between the two. For anyone using AdWords Express and Google Offers, you will also be able to manage your accounts here as well.

Google+ Local company page

Google’s integration of Google+ Local and Google Places pages has proved bothersome for several users with many people not having 100% control over their listings.
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We would recommend, if you haven’t already, ensuring that you have verified your Local listing and creating a Google+ Local business page.  Once both have been verified you will be able to connect them together and create a single page that has the reviews of a local Places listing yet the status updates and photos of a Google+ Local business page! If you need any help setting up your Google+ Local company page, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of the best digital marketing agencies in London via [email protected], we would be happy to help!

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