Camden Market Continues Strongly After Fire

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Camden Market Continues Strongly After Fire

As a Camden based digital marketing agency in London, we were deeply saddened by the Camden Market fire on Saturday 9th February. However we welcomed the news that shops and stalls have reopened.


Local authorities stressed that only one of the markets was affected and the rest of the market areas were open as usual. As Camden Market is one of London’s leading tourist destinations (with over 100,000 visitors just on the weekend) it is important for the local economy and community that the fire was put out before too much damage occurred, with business in Camden continuing as usual.


James Bidwell, Visit London’s Chief Executive said that the market was open to visitors:

“Londoners should continue to visit the area and support the market. Visit London will also be getting the message out around the world that Camden is still going strong and welcoming visitors.”

Reconstruction and recovery

A cash rescue and recovery plan has been launched with the Mayor of London’s office stating that it will help market traders get back in business as quickly as possible.

Ken Livingstone, the Mayor of London, said:

A total of 90 stalls were damaged with 35 stalls severely damaged during the three-hours-long fire.

The London Development Agency (LDA) also pledged to support the local traders and get them back in business as quickly as possible.

LDA chief executive Manny Lewis said: “To ensure Camden remains a vibrant cultural hub the LDA is committed to getting those businesses affected by the fire back up and running as soon as possible.”

Camden Crawl Festival to still go on

The Camden Crawl Festival – an annual music festival that includes 25 venues and 130 new and renowned artists over 2 days – will still go on despite one of the key venues being affected by the fire.

The Hawley Arms pub, one of the venues for events this year, is a landmark in the Camden scene and is often frequented by North London’s most popular artists, musicians and comics. Amy Winehouse recently gave a shout out to the pub during her acceptance speech for Record of the Year at the Grammy Awards.

Festival organiser Lisa Paulon said: “Camden’s musical history and reputation for breeding new musical talent will continue to be celebrated now more than ever and we are currently looking into ways that the festival will be able to help those affected by the fire.”

Historical Market

Camden Market is made up of 6 individual markets including the Camden Lock Market, Stables Market and Electric Ballroom.

Originally the market operated in Inverness Street at the beginning of the 20th Century – although the wares sold have changed here, the market is still thriving and hugely popular.

Today a wide variety of merchandise can be found with music and clothing stalls being the most popular.


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